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A Star Wars fantasy Fan Fic
by: Empress Vader

Disclaimer: I'm sure all readers understand Star Wars is not my property. And my use of it's characters and history is not for any kind of profit, just pure entertainment. Please don't sue me. I just borrow you characters to take them on a fun fantasy trip and then turn them back over to their bodies, lives, and proper universe.

Chapter 1

Part 5 - Learning the Magic

"Leia," Luke said trying to wake his sister. He shook her a bit and she sat up. "Wow, you must have really had a good sleep."

"Sleep?" Leia questioned. She had come back to her room willing Luke to wake up, but he was comfortably asleep. She had decided to stay awake and wait for him to wake up. When had she laid her head down? She certainly didn't remember sleeping. "Luke," Leia said groggily. "Dragon, Majus."

"Yeah, Majus saved us from the dragon and bought us here, now come on," Luke told her.

Luke bounced out of the room and Leia brought herself fully awake and followed. Rubbing her eyes as she exited the room. And she walked right into something, well someone. Majus, of all people she walked right into Majus. She knew she was nowhere near hiding the anger in her eyes as she looked up at him.

"Majus," she said.

"Young Leia. Are you ready for today's lessons with Dalia?"

"Why do you care?"

"Because, in the end I WILL be your guide. I know more than you think I know young Leia." Majus leaned down. "And you know less, much less than you think you do."

It sounded like a warning, a warning not to speak of the things she had seen last night. Sleep, she wondered if Majus had somehow lulled her to sleep so she wouldn't tell her brother what she saw. If so, it only made it more important to tell her brother that Majus would betray them.

"I have to go," Leia said fleeing the scene.

Luke and Pac were outside sitting on a blanket full of young Majiks chowing down on breakfast. Luke raised a plate of some kind of mush to her.

"It's good," he said with his mouth full.

She came over and sat beside him. She didn't trust anything right now, so she played with her food instead of eating it.

"This is Jasin, Mava, and Sorin," Luke said pointing to the two boys and the girl in front of him.

"You two sure don't look like twins," Mava, a red headed child said.

"Well, we're not identical." Leia replied

"Today is going to be great, Dalia is the best teacher," Jasin said. He was a short, round, happy looking boy.

"I had Yoda teach me before, in the other world, only I was much older."

"What's a Yoda?" Pac asked.

"He was the wisest of all the Jedi."

"What about you Leia?" Jasin asked.

"Luke taught me," Leia replied.

"So you were the master of the magic?"

"I started a whole academy," Luke bragged. "Well, not alone, others helped."

"So you were like the Majus of your world?" Sorin asked.

"Come on," Mava said. "Majus is not the top wizard here."

"But he's one of the best," the boy argued.

"Your just saying that because he's your great uncle," Mava replied. Leia's head popped up at the mention of the wizard's name in connection with the boy.

"Well let's not forget who your great Aunt is?" Mava finished.

"Who?" Leia asked interested.

"Venasi. She's a Dark witch in the order of Majiks in the 11th circle," Mava said. "And she use to be Majus' wife."

"Really?" Luke said. "How'd he lose her?"

"The story goes Venasi was seduced by the a Dark Beast, the Red Dragon."

"There's a Red Dragon?" Leia asked.

"Yes," Mava replied. "Three Dragons, the black, the red, and the green. And together they are the most powerful creature in the world."

'No wonder he wanted to be their guide,' Leia thought. He was already a servant of the Black Dragon, his wife a servant of the Red, all he needed was the Green. And there was little doubt in her mind that he had some clue about where it was.

"Children," Dalia called. Everyone stood and followed their plates taken by one of the older Majiks.

The man who took their plates looked down at Leia's.

"Why didn't you eat young Angel child?"

"Wasn't hungry," Leia replied.

"Mental strength and physical strength are best when they're in balance," the man said.

"Thanks for the advice," Leia replied.

She turned and joined the group.

The children sat in a circle around Dalia in a beautiful clearing where the grass was the greenest the kids had ever seen. The Majik children were use to it and sat quietly in a circle. Luke, Leia, and Pac were captivated by it and stood silently staring in wonder around them. Pac climbed a tree and rested on one of it's branches. For a land dweller, he sure loved trees.

"Angel children, come sit," Dalia said.

They sat beside the other children. Suddenly a giggle erupted from the end of the row.

"Kay, Dev, what are you doing?" Dalia asked.

"Making this seedling grow," the small boy, Dev replied. He removed his hand from the ground in front of him and a small flower was beginning to grow.

"What did I tell you before?"

"If you rush something to life, you rush it to death," Kay, a girl replied.

"But it isn't pretty till it blooms," Dev said.

"That what makes waiting for it so precious." Dalia told them. "Life is a precious balance."

The children smiled.

"Now," Dalia said. "Everyone lay back, close your eyes, and feel the life beneath you."

Everyone laid back, their palm flat on the ground. Leia saw Pac watching from the tree tops.

"Come down little one," Dalia said.

"But I'm not a Majik," Pac said.

"Come down," she requested again. Pac came down and sat on the ground. "Do as the others do. You may be surprised."

Pac smiled and laid on the ground.

"Now everyone inhale," Dalia said and the group inhaled. "Now exhale," she said and the group followed this direction. "First feel the life beneath you, understand it."

Leia and Luke felt the world around them easily. More relaxed than they had first been when they entered this world, there senses welcomed the new feeling. They truly felt the force flowing through them again.

After a day full of enlightening lessons, Leia had almost forgot about dragons and shutting down evil plots. She was laughing with the Majik children Luke had introduced her too before, Jasin, Mava, and Sorin. And Pac wouldn't shut up about feeling "the magic". But as they returned to the Greenmoore that evening, Leia saw Majus talking with some of the others and her feelings of doom returned. Was he convincing them to follow the Black Dragon?

"Young Leia, young Luke," Majus said with a big smile. "Just the children I was looking for. How went your lesson?"

"Great," Luke replied. "I think I'm starting to really feel the force here. I think Leia is too."

However, he turned to see his sister gaze had become cold. The laughing child he had entered with was gone. What had happened?

"Come with me," the wizard said waving his hand at Luke and Leia.

"Luke, I have to tell you something," she said turning to him.

"I'm sure it can wait," Majus said with a cocky smile.

Leia didn't know what to do and an outburst wouldn't help now. The Majiks would not believe her if she told them Majus had turned to evil, to the Black Dragon. He was one of their respected leaders, she was just a visitor. Luke could suddenly sense the confusion in his sister. He looked at her perplexed.

"Something's really wrong," Luke said. "Leia, are you okay?"

"I have a relaxing technique that could help you," Majus said.

'Luke, it's Majus,' she thought, 'please understand.'

"Majus," Luke said out loud.

"What about Majus?" Jasin asked.

He looked at Leia, he understood what he must do. "Nothing," he replied. "Nothing at all."

Leia smiled at Luke. 'Thanks Luke,' she thought and he understood.

Everyone was staring at them like they were deformed monsters.

"Are you ready to come now," Majus asked.

Luke took his sisters hand and gave her a reassuring grip. "Yeah, we're ready," Luke replied.

Luke and Leia followed Majus with the group staring at their back.

"Come on Pac, let's eat," Jasin said putting a hand on his shoulder and walking him away.

The twins found themselves alone in a room with Majus. Luke and Leia both studied him, any mental guards they had were ready to do battle. Majus could probably sense there confusion, but he said nothing.

"What have you done to Leia?" Luke asked.

"He's done nothing to me, yet," Leia said, "except maybe put me to sleep. I saw him, with the black dragon."

Majus laughed.

"Do you deny it," the girl asked.

"No," he slowly walked behind the children and put a hand on their shoulders. "But if I told you the whole truth you wouldn't believe me. Not now, you don't trust me. There will be a time I explain."

"You called him your master."

He suddenly pinched them.

"Ow," they said at the exact same moment. They suddenly they were woozy. The room grew dim.

"I will tell them," Leia said as she fell to the floor. 'Luke' was her last thought.

'Leia,' his mind responded before he drifted off too.

Leia and Luke woke up in their room, tired, alone. The door opened and Pac came in.

"You two must have been really tired. Right after your talk with Majus, you went to bed."

"Majus," Luke asked groggily. "We talked to Majus yesterday."

The name unnerved Leia and she couldn't remember why.

"If you hurry, you can catch breakfast, come on," Pac said.

Luke and Leia slowly brought themselves fully awake and headed to breakfast.

Later that day, they sat in a circle outside the Greenmoore. Dalia asked them to get into pairs and hold hands. Again she had Pac participate.

"Luke, Leia, separate," Dalia said to the children.

"Why?" Leia asked.

"You two, you already share the connection, now it's time to share with others."

Leia and Luke reluctantly picked other partners. Leia ended up with Sorin.

"You don't like my Uncle Majus do you?" he asked.

"It's not that I don't like him, I don't trust him," Leia responded.

"Now children," Dalia said. "Open yourself up to the person in front of you. Do not just receive their feeling, give your own."

Leia and Sorin took hands as instructed and closed their eyes, and reached out for each other through the "magic".

It was weird opening up for someone besides Luke, it made her feel odd and exposed. Even with Han, there were parts of herself she kept hidden. But Luke was her other half, when he understood her emotions without her speaking the words, it was okay. Han was her love, he understood her in other ways, but she had guarded herself from him anyway, especially in the beginning, when they first met. Even after he dared to kiss her and she had melted beneath him. With Luke it was always different. She had barley thought about it when she comforted him after Obi-Wan's death, showing him affection was so easy. But like she said, she had always somehow known who he was.

"What is Leia feeling?" Dalia asked Sorin.

"Love," he replied.

The group giggled. Leia shot him a hostile look.

"Not for me," Sorin told her. "Her Brother and another boy."

"Man," Leia replied walking away from him. "My husband."

All the memories that had been repressed in the middle of her youthful adventure suddenly came flooding back. Han, her children, were they missing her, going crazy? Sometimes she forgot she wasn't a child, that she wasn't free to run off on some mission to save her mother. She wanted to save her mother, but there was suddenly this ache in her for home. And Luke felt it too, he walked over to his sister and hugged her. She needed it.

"I think class is over for the day," Dalia dismissed the class and everyone left Luke and Leia alone.

"Sometimes I forget that I'm not really a kid," Leia said.

"Me too," Luke sighed. "We will get back to them, but mother needs us."

"And it's the only way home," Leia replied.

"Right," Leia smiled. "You think Vader -- Anakin -- our father, was he telling the truth."

"Even if he wasn't, would you want to leave here without saving Mom," Luke asked.

"No," she replied. "I want to share something with you."

"What?" he asked.

"My memories," Leia said with a smile. She took her brother's hand in hers. She reached out with her feelings. This sudden warmth washed over him. There was a woman, she was brushing his hair, no it was Leia's hair. Leia was looking in a mirror, he could see her, she was a baby, perhaps a few months old. The humming woman made him feel so safe, secure.

There was suddenly this giggle. Luke and Leia looked up the connection broken. There was a small glow and a small voice said. "We are the source, trust in us."

"The source of what?" Leia asked.

"We are the source, trust in us," was repeated,. this time the voices multiplied and the glowing bug size creatures were all around them.

"The pixies," Luke said.

"The source," Leia smiled.

Pac came back outside. "Where all these glow bugs come from," he asked.

"You can see them Pac?" Luke questioned.

"Yes," Dalia said rejoining them. "He is a Majik."

"What?" the twins asked together.

Dalia later explained that she had sensed his potential, but the others doubted her. She decided to take him home and ask his parents if his training could continue. They were instructed by someone else for the rest of the week and then Majus called on them.

"It's time," he said walking into their bedroom.

"Time for what?" Leia asked.

"To leave," Majus said. "Sorin and Mava will be coming with us."

"Great," Luke said.

"Why?" Leia asked.

"Just in case," Majus replied. "It will be good for them. The success of this journey means a great deal to the Majik's."

"But Pac isn't back yet," Leia said. "I wanted to say good-bye."

"Something tells me you will see Pac again."

"Something tells me the opposite," Leia replied.

They were armed with new crossbows, their daggers were returned. They were given food and water for their journey. They all headed out the next day after a huge special celebration for them.

Leia, Luke, Sorin, and Mava all followed Majus away from the 12th Circle. A huge shadow passed over them. The twins looked up and saw the black dragon. There was this nagging at the back of their mind for a moment. Suddenly, there was no sun. The were standing in a darkened forest with trees that looked almost black. The trees branches seemed twisted into each other and looked deformed. A shiver ran though all the children, this was indeed a Dark Place.

"Welcome to the 11th Circle," Majus said.

End Chapter 1

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