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A Star Wars fantasy Fan Fic
by: Empress Vader

Disclaimer: I'm sure all readers understand Star Wars is not my property. And my use of it's characters and history is not for any kind of profit, just pure entertainment. Please don't sue me. I just borrow you characters to take them on a fun fantasy trip and then turn them back over to their bodies, lives, and proper universe.

author's note: I'll admit the 'red mistress' is a vampire knock off creature. So sue me.

Chapter 2

Part 2 - Divided we fall

Leia was lost in the darkness. She didn't know if it had gotten later or if she'd just ran into an area of the forest where the trees were so thick it blocked the light, it was so difficult to see through them. There was thick brush and vines everywhere and she used her dagger to cut through them. Suddenly, something clamped onto her arm. She yelled and tried to shake it off. Finally she knocked it off and it flew away with a screech. She didn't even get a good look at it.

Finally she came into a clearing, tired and spent. She sighed as she sat down to tend her wound and mumbled to herself.

"Hey," a voice suddenly yelled. She jumped and then looked at the boy emerging from the darkness.

"Sorin," Leia said relieved.

"Hey Leia," Sorin said. "Have you found your brother, Mava, Majus. I saw some major fireworks, I think Majus was fighting off those things."

"Fireworks?" Leia asked. "From Majus?"

"Yeah," Sorin said. "Can't you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Create fire," Sorin replied.

"No," she stated. "The force isn't a magic--" She stopped herself remembering this was a different world. "No, I've never been able to do that with the force. At least not on my world. Though there is sort of white lighting that a Dark majik from my world used against Luke."

"It's pretty simple, if you remember all elements are one or atleast parts of the same source," Sorin said. He put his hands together and drew them apart. A small ball of fire lay in his hands. "I'm sure you could do it."

Sorin came and put Leia's hands between his own. He pushed them together.

"Close your eyes, feel the 'force' as you call it, and feel the element your trying to create."

Leia closed her eyes. She could easily see fire and darkness, but she didn't run from it. Sorin slowly drew her hands apart.

"Now open your eyes," he whispered.

She opened her eyes and saw the small fireball in her hand. Even Luke hadn't helped her make something this . . . this. . ."Wow," she said as she stared at her small fireball with joy.

"Couldn't really hurt anything big, but it's a beginning."

"Yeah, a beginning."

'A new beginning,' she thought staring at the ball. What other things were possible here. She could never reach Luke's level at home, HE would never let her. He was the big bad Jedi at home. She looked at Sorin, this beautiful boy, she'd never noticed his big brown eyes before. He smiled at her. What was she thinking, this was a kid and she was .... a kid, in a new world, looking for her mother. She couldn't think like Princess Leia anymore, daughter of Bail Organa, she had to be a warrior with a clean slate. Besides, maybe there was a better future in this world.

"Leia, do you really have a husband?" Sorin asked.

"Yeah, in another world a thousand years from now."

"Do you love him?"

"I married him, but we have more important things to worry about."

"Yeah, we should find the others."

Sorin suddenly noticed the wound Leia had gained.

"What's that?" Sorin asked.

She glanced over at the bite. "Oh, I got bitten by something."

"A dark woods creature, aren't you worried?"

"No, as far as we've seen our only threat are those women monster things, everything else is just talk," she said shrugging it off.

"Sometime evil is at it's worse when it appears weak," Sorin stated. "Majus told me that."

"And sometimes small things want to appear vicious to hide their cowardice," Leia told him. "My father told me that. And I'm not talking about the one I shared with Luke. Lets find the others."

Luke and Mava hadn't had it so easy. They hadn't lost each other, because Mava had been attacked and Luke had been forced to carry her. He  could still here Majus yelling, "Find a place to hide her." Majus had floated like a cloud on the air, but the women had jumped on him. He'd propelled them back with a ring of fire, but one pursued the children. It took all Luke's concentration to focus on moving branches and other obstacles in the path, he felt so inadequate back at the elementary force level. He felt like someone had cut the legs from under him. Speaking of his legs, he was suddenly again aware of how small they were and how impossible it was to run at a decent speed.

Suddenly Yoda's voice reached up to him from somewhere inside "size matters not". The girl was younger and smaller than him. It was harder to believe that size wasn't an issue for him now that he was a boy again. If Yoda thought he was impatient then, he would have been truly frstrated with the boy he was now. Still, with another life on the line he was able to push himself to the limits of his strenght. He dived into a swamp and it paid off, the beast didn't follow. He had to cover young Mava's  mouth with his own and breath life into her. She lived because of him. He dragged her onto land when he thought it was safe.

"Thank you," she said when they could breath evenly. "Healing is easier as a practice than during an actual battle."

"I'm sorry for bringing you and Sorin into this. I should have know the journey would get harder and we're still so far away."

"If it destroys the Dark One, it's a journey worth taking."

"Is it?" Luke asked.

"Don't you think so?"

"My motives are a little more selfish. The selfish dreams of the boy I now appear to be."

"To save your mother."

"To see my mother," Luke said. "With my own eyes. I wonder will I see my sister in her or me or ..." Luke paused. "I just want to see her."

"All this, just to see your mother?" Mava said. "No, you're a force of good. Even if you found out it wasn't your mother calling you here, you would be here. I don't know about Leia, but you would."

Luke looked at the young girl, hero worship beaming through her. "Don't confuse your feelings here, we have to find Majus and the others. How's your leg feel?"

"Still weak," Mava said.

"This is what your training is for, use it.

Majus was shaken in the grip of the black dragon. He had come when the children were lost and destroyed the vicious women in one breath. Then he had turned on Majus and fear filled his eyes.

"YOU LOST THEM. HOW COULD YOU LOSSSSE THEM. THEY CAN NOT GAIN THEM!!" The Dragon yelled. "You were supose to be the besssssst they had to offer, but you are a fool."

"I am sorry," Majus said. "I warned them that the danger was more than it appeared to be."

"You are more than a baby ssssitter," the Dragon said with his long fork like tongue sticking out. "You are the guide. "

Suddenly the sky was filled with what looked like red velvet. The black Dragon looked up. "It issss the enemy. I will delay him, but you mussst do your duty. Ssssee to the children. Do not let their journey end here."

The Dragon flew away. And Majus is prepared to seek out the children.

Vanassi stood at the very top of a tower in the middle of the fortress.  She was a striking woman, her face seemed sculpted from some ancient picture of a goddess, her eyes deep and dark, but hypnotizing. She had blood red lips any man would desire to kiss, but the youth she had attained was a false one. Her beauty was that of a woman long gone. She wore a long black dress and a cloak long and black followed her across the room.  The cloak was trimmed in red, like flame, and sometimes it almost seemed there was flame surrounding her. She wasn't alone, her companion was the Shadow Sith. They both stood looking into a crystal clear pyramid in Vanassi's hand. Each of it's three sides revealed a different fate. Majus on one side, Leia and Sorin on another, and Luke and Mava on the third.

"You're servants have served you welled Vanassi," the Shadow Sith said. "I never want those children to leave these woods."

"Oh believe me, neither do I, believe me all things here become mine."

"Yes, this is your kingdom, but it is MY world, never forget it." The Shadow Sith eyed the two sides with Luke and Leia.

"Why are those children such a threat to you?" Vanassi asked.

"Threat?" the shadow laughed. "THEY ARE NOTHING TO ME!!" He yelled. "But they are something to her."


"None of your business."

"Ahh, the angel queen, that's why thier energy feels so wonderful. One of my smallest pets has shared with me the blood of her blood, the children of the Angel Queen, the children of the prophecy. You say they're not a threat to you, they are the ultimate threat to you. They are destined to be your destruction, the end of you rein."

"Do you really think those pip-squeaks could destroy me?"

"No one thought I had a power as great as that husband of mine and now, I am THE power. I have a following all my own." Vanassi smiled. "Don't underestimate the power of your enemy."

"I underestimate nothing. Their power is her. They give her hope, I detest her hope. I AM the Dark Lord here, it was a destiny stolen before by a---" he grumbled and spit the words out. "By an insolent pip-squeak that I ignored. It shall not be stolen again."

He threw his cloak around himself and was gone. Vanassi smiled to herself, she knew his secret. He feared them. She looked at the side of the pyramid that revealed Majus. He had allowed time to make him an older man, FOOL. But he was such a distinguished old man and still had the sure eyes of the boy she'd fallen in love with. If only time and power could have made her less in love with him. She turned her eyes back toward Leia, her plan, she had to remember her plan. She would reclaim Majus, just not this night. Right now, her focus had to be the  child and finding the key to overthrow that Shadow bastard. When the world was hers, Majus too would be hers again.
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