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Story without title

By Trude

Author’s note: Well, I have finished this story after almost ten weeks. Thank God!!!
I am not a native English speaker, don’t be too shocked about grammar and writing faults. If anybody thinks the story is awful and that he/she can make it better. WRITE IT! Then I will like the story too. I didn’t want to write it myself at first, so I’ve asked Candie K. and ami-padme if they would want to. They said “NO. Write it yourself!” Translation: Leave me alone with that f*****g idea.

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Thanks! for reading, Trude

Summary: What if there's another “afterworld” in the SW-universe? One in which not only Jedi, but also other people and Sith “live” and where the fight between Light and Dark still exists and Amidala doesn't forgive Anakin at once.  (Right after the end of ROTJ. Prequel to “His weak side” - somehow)


Slowly, Anakin Skywalker turned around and faced his old masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. “ I’m so sorry”, he began with shame in his voice. “ I have failed both of you. And everyone else. I ..”

Still smiling, Obi-Wan interrupted him “It is okay Anakin. We know that it was your destiny to turn to the Dark Side, but your own will and strength that brought you back to the

Anakin just looked at them in amazement. “ You mean, you, you forgive
me without any punishment or second thoughts?”

At this Yoda spoke for the first time “ Jedi, we, forgive you yes. Others there are. Forgive you easily no.”

At this Skywalker frowned. “Others? Who do you mean? My mother? My friends? Amidala? No, SHE won’t forgive me after everything I did to her. She has every right to hate me.”
Tears filled his eyes as he thought of her hating him.

“We don’t know who will forgive you and who not but your mother has already forgiven you. You have to find that out on your own when you are there.” Obi-Wan said to his
former apprentice and gave him a sign to follow him and master Yoda.

Anakin looked at him in surprise. “There? What do you mean with ‘there’?” he asked. For the first time since he arrived <here> he noticed his surroundings. There seemed to be something like a blue-gray mist around the three of them. He couldn’t see more than six meters.

“Don't look surprise no. You ARE  Jedi after all," Yoda told Anakin,

“’There’ is the other afterworld, which the Force created. World it is where we are. One where Jedi are.  Also there is a one where 'normal' creatures exist after death. Like life it is. You eat, drink, and sleep. Die you also can."

“Die? But we are already dead. How can we die again and what happens to
us when we do?” Obi-Wan smiled at this.

While Yoda just sighed and answered “Patient no are you and questions
many at once, must say. Work on this you do. Learn it now. More time you have. Answer your questions I will. All don't know what happens when someone dies. Causes for death is the Sith."

At this Anakin shouted, “Sith? But, but that is impossible. I mean, I killed Sidious myself, I.. I have seen him die and he and Vader were the last ones!”

Yoda only shook his head in disapproval. “Patience Skywalker. Patience you must have. I told you I did  that only a few minutes ago.”

“It’s just like the old times, isn’t it Yoda?” Obi-Wan asked, a smile on his face.

“Yes, it is indeed.” Yoda answered, “Old times I am getting too old for. Listen Skywalker you will, like other persons are also the Sith in the other afterworld and the fight between Jedi and Sith is still going on, yes. But there aren’t many Sith and not many fights between them and us.  But now, Sidious is with them and they will attack soon, yes I think do. But YOU are not with them so they aren’t as strong as they thought they would be after your death and, well, they will lose the final battle and the Force will be in balance forever.”

Anakin thought about this for a while and then asked both Yoda and Obi-Wan, “You still think that I am the Chosen One and that I will destroy them, don’t you?”

Obi-Wan put a hand on his old friend’s shoulder and answered the question for Yoda, “No Anakin, we KNOW that you are the Chosen One and that you will defeat them. When you are in the other world you will notice that you will be much stronger in the Force, because ...”

“Because the Chosen One is one with the Force.” Anakin finished the sentence.

“Exactly my friend. And you won’t be alone. Yoda, Qui-Gon, Mace Windu and I will be there too and help you. Not to forget your mother, your old friends, both Jedi and others, even Jar Jar Binks maybe,” he sighed not too happy about that fact, “ and many others, like your wife.” At this he smiled calmly at Anakin. For a moment Anakin forgot everything about Sith, deaths,
and dangers and only thought of Amidala. ‘Will she even speak with me or even help me? How can I exist with her hating me?’ he thought sadly.

“Tell her your feelings Anakin, be yourself and don’t expect too much from her at the beginning. And don’t forget: She is not the only one who won’t trust you. There are many wounds to heal!” Obi-Wan told him. “I know, Master. I know.” Anakin replied unhappy. “So, this means I am
existing in this world and in the other, doesn’t it?”

Obi-Wan looked at Yoda who nodded slowly and then he answered, “No, you are only existing in the other world. You gave your right for living in both worlds up when you joined the Dark Side.”

“Go you must,” Yoda told Anakin suddenly. “Also yes, other world looks like Naboo. Ask us why no!”

Obi Wan hastily shouted after him, “And stop calling me master!”

Suddenly there was something like a door in the air and it showed the green hills of Naboo at the other end of it. Slowly, Anakin walked at it. ‘Naboo'. Of all planets in the galaxy it is Naboo. The first planet I destroyed. Maybe it is a sign that I will meet her on her own planet again. Or is it still our planet? Well, I hope it is a good sign.’ With these thoughts he passed the threshold and entered the other afterworld to fight the final battle against the Sith and the battle for his wife’s love.

When he was through the *door*, he noticed at once the piercing sunshine and the green hills of Naboo, where so many years ago the battle between Gungans and battle droids had taken place. He could feel the cool wind on his face and the warmth of the sun. ‘It’s like being alive again! I never thought I would feel this again,’ Anakin thought with both joy and surprise. Then he felt a painfully familiar presence behind him and he turned around.

“It is good to see you again, Ani”, Shmi Skywalker said with tears streaming down her cheeks. Anakin stood frozen for a moment and then he was at her side in one second and cried like a
baby. “Mum, oh Force. I thought I’d never see you again. I’ve missed you so much. I love you, mum. I am so sorry for everything I did.”

“Shh, Ani it is okay. I love you too. I have already forgiven you and you know that it wasn’t only you who did all those cruel things, it were also Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. Not you! You have to be strong when you want to win both the fight against the Sith and Amidala’s heart,” Shmi said quietly to Anakin.

Finally the tears on their faces dried and they both talked nothing for a while. When Shmi sadly turned to Anakin again and said unhappy “ I have to leave you again Ani...” She put a hand on his shoulder to stop him from interrupting her. “Master Qui Gon said it would be too dangerous for me if I stay. So I will hide with others till the battle is over and  it’s safe again. I have to go soon because the place is far away and we  can’t risk to take transporters because the Sith would notice it that way.  Please, don’t think I leave because I don’t love you or something like this.”

Anakin just looked at her for a long time and then said, “Well, I can’t say that I am happy about you leaving but I understand that it is for the best. But are you sure that the place is safe and who will protect you  if something happens?”

Shmi offered him a small smile before she answered. “Believe me, it is a safe place.” Jar Jar Binks and some other Gungans and soldiers from Naboo will protect us. Nothing can happen to me. You  will be the one in danger, again. But I am sure that we will see each other again.” With that she stood up, gave him a big embrace, which lasted a few minutes, then she turned with one last look at her son to the west, the opposite direction of Theed.

“Mum!” Anakin shouted, “You will see us again, I promise.” And then he asked quietly, “Have you spoken with  Amidala?” A shadow crossed Shmi’s smiling face. “Yes I have. She is happy that you turned to Light again, but don’t expect that she will forgive you at once. I am sure she will one day, but when... I don’t know. You have to talk with her yourself. And now I really have to go and Qui-Gon is already waiting for you!” she said and walked away.

Anakin wanted to stop her but the mention of Master Qui-Gon stopped him. Before he turned to his first Jedi friend, he looked around to see all the familiar landscapes of Theed in front of him.

’The hills are as green and beautiful as I remember them. It’s amazing,’ Anakin thought. ‘Well,
let’s get over it!’ He slowly turned to face the man who saved him from slavery and whom he owned everything. He looked younger than he remembered. His hair and beard were not that gray and he didn’t have many wrinkles in his face. “Master Qui-Gon, I, I’m so happy to see you  again.”

“So am I Ani, it’s good to have you on our side again. Don’t look  so upset now, you can’t change the past only the future. And you can’t change it if you live in the past and don’t forgive yourself.”

At this Anakin looked up into the eyes of Qui-Gon, who was still about two or three inches taller than Anakin. The younger Jedi asked “Forgive myself? What do you mean with that and how can this change the future, Master?” Qui-Gon Jinn smiled at this, ‘Like so many others already have when they spoke with me’ Anakin thought.

“Come Ani, I’ll explain that while we walk to Theed. ”Qui-Gon said. “Well, Anakin. You have to forgive yourself first. I know, like you do, that all these years you have fought a battle with your dark side and most of the time you lost. But you can’t forget that you were stronger than Vader sometimes that you defeated him in the end. You, your true self, didn’t kill all those
Jedi and other people. It was always the dark side in you that did this. And it was YOU who killed both Vader and the Emperor, nobody else. Luke just helped you to find your way back, but wouldn’t have been able to kill the Emperor himself. I know this is difficult to understand but I am sure you will. And how do you expect others to forgive you when not even you can forgive yourself? And the future depends on the forgiveness you will or won’t receive, but I am quite sure that almost everyone will forgive you.  Especially Amidala, if you are worried about that. She will just need some time to think about everything.”

Anakin looked up hopefully at the first Jedi in his life and managed a small smile as he said, “Somehow I believe  you. NO, I know that you are right. I can feel that I have the chance to win her back again.”

“That’s the right attitude, Anakin,” the older Jedi said. But then his smile faded as he continued. “It will be a hard fight for us. There are at least a dozen good Sith warriors who will be a great
danger for us. Especially Sidious and Maul.”

Anakin knew that Qui-Gon was thinking about the fight with Maul which ended his life in the living and physical world. Anakin’s thoughts were interrupted when Qui-Gon spoke again.

“But I also can feel a much darker and stronger presence in the Force. Someone I can’t identify, who is very strong in the Force but I am not able to say who it is.”

When he heard this, Anakin tried to feel the person that Qui-Gon spoke of and stood still in amazement and shock.

“Anakin, Ani can you hear me? Are you all right?” Qui-Gon’s troubled voice came into Anakin’s mind and woke him from the trance-like state he was in.

“Yeah, yes I am all right. It’s just that I could feel this Sith and somehow I think I know him quite well, but I also can’t say who he is. Only that he is very dangerous and strong.” He  noticed the worried look on Qui-Gon’s face and tried to change the subject a little bit. “When will the fight start, Master?”

“I’m not quite sure. It can be a few hours or even a few weeks. "Believe me, you will notice it  before it starts.” Qui-Gon answered. “But I think that you first want to talk with Amidala.” With that Qui-Gon stopped and turned to face Anakin, who noticed that they had already reached the palace of Theed. “Talk to her, but don’t expect a miracle.”

“I think I’ve heard that already,” Anakin muttered to himself as he walked to the palace, which looked as beautiful and majestic as it did when Naboo and Theed still existed. As he walked through the corridors of the palace, he noticed that everyone he met either backed away from him or sent him dark looks. ‘Well, what have I awaited, something like a party? Vader killed many of them or their families.’ Anakin thought to himself.

Near the room where he knew the queen would be, he saw himself in a mirror for the first time since his death. He was quite surprised. He had already noticed that everyone seemed to be a bit younger than he remembered them and that his hair was longer, so he had thought that he must look like he had after he had achieved the rank of Jedi Knight. But seeing himself young again without a black helmet for the first time in over twenty years! He guessed that he had to be about twenty-one, shortly before his turn to the Dark Side, because then he had cut his hair short again and had had a small beard. ‘At least I look again like Anakin Skywalker and not like Darth Vader. That’s a start.’ He turned away from the mirror and walked to the room where he knew
that Amidala would  be in. As he reached the door, he stopped for the last time and thought, ‘Like they all said: Don’t expect a miracle!’ He opened the door, walked in and looked directly in the eyes of his wife. ‘Oh Gods, she is so beautiful!’ he thought. She also was young again, about 26 years old. ‘How could I be so stupid and leave her for the Dark Side? I had everything I wanted and just threw it away.’ How stupid I was! Damn me, damn the Dark Side and of course damn that traitor Palpatine, Anakin thought miserably.

Amidala didn’t move for a moment, too. ‘He looks like an angel’, she thought. ‘But he didn’t act like an angel then’, she thought bitterly and turned away from Anakin and faced the window.

“Ami ... ”, Anakin started and stopped for a moment to collect his thoughts, “I ... I am so sorry. I didn’t want the things that happened. I  .... I never wanted to hurt you. I loved you.”, he told her in a rush. “I still do,” he added quietly. Amidala didn’t answer as if she hadn’t heard him. “Ami,
please”, he begged her.

 Slowly she turned around and he was  shocked because he could only see bitterness and fury in her eyes. No love, not even a little bit of kindness. ‘What did I just do to her?’, he thought before she began to speak.

“So, you are sorry? You didn’t mean to hurt me? Believe me you HAVE hurt me! YOU LOVED ME AND STILL YOU DID ALL  THOSE THINGS? You can imagine how hard it is to believe that you loved me and still left,” she cried angry with him. Anakin moved back a step and felt as if his heart was ripped apart. “What do you want from me? That I say ‘Poor  Ani, it wasn’t your fault. Let’s pretend that nothing happened?’ You destroyed Naboo and many other planets. You killed thousands of people and almost our children too!” Amidala spit angrily at him.

At this Anakin looked into her eyes again. “NO. That’s not true,” he told her vehemently. ”First it wasn’t me who did all those things. It was Vader. And second, I never let him kill our children. Or you,” he added while he looked directly into her eyes.

“What do you mean, ‘It wasn’t you – it was Vader’? You WERE Vader, after all.” she asked confused.

“We were two different personalities in one body. The darker just won almost every fight we had. But I never let him kill you or the children although he had the orders to from the emperor,” he told her sadly.

Amidala looked at him suspicious. “Orders to kill me?”

“Yeah, orders,” he told her sadly. “Soon after Naboo was destroyed he told me to find your hiding-place and then to kill you. It really wasn’t hard to find that place. Well, when Vader entered your sleeping area, he had already activated his lightsaber and was ready for the deadly strike. But shortly before he was able to kill you, I could take control again. I stopped him. And I... I just took one of your nightgowns, ripped it apart” ‘and kissed you for the last time’ he thought but didn’t dare speak it out loud, “and then I left the camp. On my way back to the Emperor I killed a small animal, gave its blood on your gown, then I told the Emperor that I killed you and that the blood was yours.  He believed me. Shortly after that I lost the control over my mind again and the next time I got it back was when Vader had the chance to kill Leia over nineteen years later. Then there were two times when I saved Luke. Or he me, I am not so sure about that,” he told her seriously.

Amidala was quite taken back by this news. She turned to the window again and looked at the streets of Theed. “But it was you who let Vader appear Ani.”

“I know. But I was... I was afraid..”

Surprised Amidala asked, “Afraid? Afraid of what Ani?”

He swallowed hard before he answered, “I ... I was afraid that I wasn’t strong enough to protect you and Naboo. And when Palpatine offered me help with my training, I didn’t feel anything dark at all. And then ... Well, you know the story,” he finished lamely.

She thought about that for some moments and as she wanted to answer, the door flew open and Obi-Wan stormed into the room, young again and looking a bit nervous. “I’m sorry to interrupt you two. But I need Anakin, because the battle already began. We have to leave immediately. Sorry!” he added.

“It’s okay, Obi-Wan,” Amidala said smiling. “We can talk when we are finished with the battle.”

Anakin looked at her surprised. “WE? What do you mean with ‘WE’?”

“Do you really think that I will be hiding here? You should know me better than that!” She answered calmly.

“Oh no, you won’t be out there fighting Sith and Mandalorians. Forget it!”, Anakin said, looking intensely at Amidala.

“Wanna bet, that I will?”, she shouted back, angry.

Anakin was about to answer when Obi-Wan just dragged him out of the room. “What do you think you are doing, Master? I mean Obi-Wan?”

“She is right. You have time for your little ‘talk’ later.  And did you really think that she
won’t fight with the others?”

“No, Not really. In fact I would have been surprised, if she didn‘t,” Anakin said with a half smile.

As the Jedi ran through the streets of Theed, Anakin asked suddenly, “How did she die, Obi-Wan? What happened and when?”

Obi-Wan was quiet for a  moment. Then he answered him. “It was about six years after you left her.  She was living on Alderaan then. There was an epidemic and she tried to help some friends of her who were already ill and almost dead. Well, she also became ill and died three weeks after the infection.”

He was silent for another moment and then he added quietly, “I don’t think that she was too sorry about her death. She hadn’t much will to live anymore. Somehow she seemed happy that it all had to end, at least for her. Don’t get me wrong now, she loved being with Leia, Sabé and the others, it’s just ... I mean, after you left, she ... well, she just lost one of the most important things in her life and... Well, we have time for that later. Come on now, we are needed in the battle.”

Anakin couldn’t believe it, was it because of that that she was so cold to him? Not because of the many kills and destroying he had done, no, that was also the cause but maybe the worst was, for her at least, that he killed her in an even more terrible way than he had when he  killed Obi-Wan or another person? ‘I was so blind, how couldn’t I see what I did to her?’ Anakin thought miserably. ‘No, that’s crazy. She is not angry with me because *I* killed her. She is angry because of the many thousands who died.’

“Looks like we reached the main battle!”, Obi-Wan shouted at him and started already with deflecting blaster shots.

“Just like the old times.”, Anakin shouted back while igniting his own light blue lightsaber.

As the two men left her, Amidala began to prepare herself for the battle, with the help of her handmaidens and friends, of course. When they left the city and ran to the battlefield, they were surprised that the battle was already in full motion. Everywhere people were fighting against Stormtroopers, Mandalorians and droids. They could also make out some Jedi fighting against .... Sith! There were about two dozens of them and it looked like the Sith were winning the fight!
‘How is this possible? There are so many Jedi here and still they are loosing? May the Gods help us!’, Amidala thought.

While she was fighting, Amidala could see that already about four Jedi had died – and simply disappeared. ‘I hope Ani is alright.’ she thought afraid. Then she noticed what she had just thought and she was quite surprised. ‘Strange. A few minutes ago I was arguing quite loud and angry with him and now I’m worried like mad about him. Really strange.’

Then suddenly the Jedi Masters Qui Gon Jinn and Mace Windu were at her side, blocking blaster shots. “It doesn’t look good, does it?” she asked them worried.

Windu offered her a small smile. “We haven’t lost yet,” he said while deflecting another shot from a droid and then ripping him apart with the force.

“And we still haven’t used our best weapon”, Qui Gon added calmly, while also destroying two other droids and killing a Stormtrooper.

“Yeah, but what about the Sith?” Amidala asked one of her best friends since death.

“Well, it looks like they already have some problems,” Qui Gon answered, nodding in the direction where Sith and Jedi were fighting. Amidala looked in that direction again and noticed that about seven Sith were missing now. ‘The Jedi are really getting the upper hand. But why this
sudden change?’ she asked herself. And then she saw the two reasons for that. For one there was Obi-Wan, who she was sure, had killed one or two Sith. ‘I think even that ugly Sith who made so many problems during the Clone Wars is already missing.’ she thought.

Then she saw the main reason for victory of the Jedi---Anakin Skywalker. Although every Jedi (and Sith) was now stronger in the Force, nobody was as strong as Anakin. ‘He really is the chosen one’, she thought with amazement and pride as she watched him defeating another Sith. ‘No, he IS the Force. It looks like as if he is just practicing, not fighting a Sith!’ Amidala thought as he killed another Sith. But not only he won the fights,  also the other Jedi were suddenly defeating them much better than before, or some of the droids, Mandalorians or Stormtroopers, she noticed. ‘We’ll win! What can stop us now?’ Amidala thought  happily.

Just then terrifying cries could be heard from almost everywhere. She turned around in surprise like Qui Gon and Mace Windu and they all stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the former Emperor Darth Sidious. Everyone on the field stood frozen for a few seconds at the sight of him. Enough time for the Troopers, droids and the remaining Sith to encircle and unarm them all. Well, almost everyone. Anakin and Obi-Wan held their ground as good as they could, while the others were brought in front of Sidious. He looked at them with a cruel smile on his face and then turned to Yoda, Windu, Qui Gon and Amidala.

“You really thought you were strong enough to defeat me? How stupid  are you? I think I will kill you first. Of course, I’ll start with the lady!”, he said quite satisfied with himself and his troops.

When Anakin heard this he left his position and Obi-Wan to help his wife and friends.

”Anakin! Don’t, he will kill you too, if you come to him like this!" Obi-Wan shouted after him, while trying to fight all the blaster shots and two Sith around him. But quite soon he was also beaten and brought to the other captives.

In the meantime, Anakin ran as fast as he could (and that was quite fast) in the direction of Sidious. The Sith lord saw him coming and gave a slight nod in the direction behind him. The three Jedi and the Queen looked at each other confused. What was THAT about? Suddenly, a dark shadow crossed the minds of the Jedi and they looked both surprised and worried at each other. ‘I know him,’ Anakin, Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Yoda and Mace Windu thought at the same time. ‘But who is he?’

But they were to find it out soon enough. When Anakin had almost reached them, he was suddenly pushed back by someone and fell hard on the ground. As he looked up he saw a person who was clothed in black trousers and shirt, but couldn’t make out his face because of the black cloak he wore. When the Sith, about that Anakin, the Jedi and some other people including Amidala were sure, threw his cloak away and lifted his head, there could be heard gasps and shouts of shock and surprise from everywhere. Even Anakin looked in horror into the face of....
Himself! It really was Anakin Skywalker. Only that this one had his hair cut short and wore a slight beard and a cold, hateful look on his features.

‘It’s really me.’ Anakin thought totally surprised. ‘I have looked like this shortly after my turn to the Dark Side.’ Then it hit him.

“Vader!” he said coldly and full of hate.

“Hi Aniboy. It hasn’t been a long time since our last meeting, I must admit. But I am sure it will be the last.” The other Anakin, Vader, said while he ignited his deep red lightsaber.

“Looks like we have the same opinion about something for the first time,” Anakin answered coldly as he ignited his own light blue saber.

‘Oh God, there was really another part of his mind who did all those cruel things‘, Amidala thought in shock as she regarded the two enemies. ‘I should never have doubted him. But somehow I never have. Deep inside I knew all the time that Anakin wouldn’t do such things. I hope it’s not too late to tell him.’

While most of the people looked shocked or at least surprised at the “twins”, Sidious just said to Vader, “When you are finished with Skywalker, come back and join me when I am killing the weak ones.” He turned back to the Jedi and Queen and added, “And make it quick. You should have no problem with him. He is still not powerful enough to stop us. He is too worried about the ones he loves and that isn’t too good for his concentration,” he said while he looked grinning at Amidala.

“Yes, my master”, Vader said with a cruel smile on his lips and started attacking Anakin, who tried to block the powerful strokes as good as he could. But it was a long time since the ‘real’ Anakin had fought in a battle like this and so Vader could force Anakin to move backwards, in the direction of the woods, while the fight went on.

In the meantime, Sidious, Maul and five Mandalorians escorted Amidala and the Jedi through  the Theed Palace, where Sidious and Maul, who was one of the few remaining Sith, wanted to commit their revenge and kill them all.

“Ani will win, won’t he Obi-Wan?” Amidala asked, with great fear in her voice. “I mean, he is the Chosen One, isn’t he? The most powerful Jedi ever and so he can’t lose against Vader, can he?”

“I don’t know Amidala. Well, he is the Chosen One, but then also Vader is, I’d say. And it is a long time since ‘Anakin’ fought against someone, but Vader on the other hand ... . The chance that he wins is . . .” At this point of the conversation, Darth Maul gave Obi-Wan a hurtful punch in the side and shouted hatefully, “Shut up, Jedi! Or I will forget myself and have my revenge right now! ... Or I will kill the old one, again.”, he said, while he looked grinning at Qui-Gon.

At this Obi-Wan tried to jump at Maul, when a white lightning pushed him against a wall. “Where are your manners, Jedi?” Sidious asked, hands still raised and pointed at Obi-Wan. “Don’t force me to do this again, or do you want to end like Skywalker did? I don’t think so.”

While Amidala helped Obi-Wan to his feet, Yoda said, “He is right. We will wait till we get our chance and then we will fight. Not sooner, not later.”

“Yes, master Yoda, but what if ---,” Obi-Wan began, but was interrupted by Mace Windu.

“No, Yoda is right. We need to be patient, or else we won’t have a chance to win. We will be patient like the Sith were so many years and then they will see how powerful the Light Side is.
Now we should do what Sidious wants and follow him,” he said and they walked
after the Sith Lord, while Maul and the Mandalorians walked on their sides.

At the same time, Anakin and Vader had almost made it completely into the woods. They were now on the hills in front of the woods and there were no trees or plants, yet, so the two combats could concentrate on the fight and not worry about tripping over a stone or plant. Although, Anakin still had problems with fighting properly. Anakin tried to block Vader’s strikes,
but was still forced to move backwards and was already sweating, while Vader seemed to be as fit as he was when the fight began.

“Just admit it”, Vader began as he took another hard stroke at Anakin, which almost let him fall. “You were always weaker than I am and you always will be. It was true in the real life and here it is the same. It would be the best if you would just surrender. Your death wouldn’t be THAT painful, then. What do you think old buddy?”

Suddenly, Anakin swept Vader’s feet out from underneath him. “You destroyed my life! You almost destroyed my wife and children! You really believe that I would make it easy for you?” Anakin cried back, almost out of breath.

Vader came to his feet again and raised an eyebrow and began moving forward again and hitting harder at Anakin. “You really think it isn’t already easy for me? Well, then I just have to show you!” Vader answered and with one very hard stroke, Anakin’s deactivated lightsaber landed near the woods.

“Oops!”, Vader grinned at a speechless Anakin and kicked him painfully in the chest, which send Anakin  to the ground.

Anakin felt his breath leaving his lungs when he hit the ground. Rolling to the right, he could feel Vader’s deep red saber hitting the ground, where he had been lying a few seconds ago. ‘Damn you Skywalker start fighting and stop pouting at him!’ Anakin thought to himself as he sprung to his feet and called his lightsaber with the Force. He spun around and brought his lightsaber
up, just in time to block Vader’s strike towards his neck. He leapt over his darker half, and wanted to attack his back. But instead he got a powerful kick in the gut, which sent him flying backwards into a tree and let him drop his lightsaber, again. He looked up, just to see a dark figure hovering over him. ‘Damn!’

In the throne room of Naboo, Darth Sidious was sitting on the throne and looked satisfied at his preys. “Well, I have to admit that this is really a quite interesting situation we have. Don’t you agree my dear?”, he asked, looking at Amidala.

“Yes,”, she answered in the coolest voice she could summon up at this time, “it definitely is. I am surprised that you didn’t kill us yet”

The Sith just smiled wider, “But, my dear queen! Have you forgotten that I wanted to wait till my other apprentice is here? I have no doubt that Lord Maul would be happy to kill you all himself, but I think that I owe it Lord Vader to let him kill at least one of you.”

“You don’t know yet if he has won the duel.”, Qui Gon said angry to Sidious.

Sidious’ eyes flickered a moment with hate, but it turned instantly back in amusement, “Oh. You are right, my fair Jedi. Well, let’s see how the two are doing.” With that, he closed his eyes and seemed suddenly far away with his mind. Maul and the Mandalorians moved closer to the Jedi and Queen, as if to make sure that they won’t flee, but they were far too worried to even think
about fleeing or fighting. As Sidious opened his eyes again, his smile turned into an evil grin. “No need to worry. Vader will be here soon.”

Amidala paled to an almost deadly white, ”No! That’s not true. It can’t be true!”, she whispered shocked.

“Amidala, Just because he is saying that Vader is winning doesn’t mean that it’s true,” Obi Wan said as he laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. “So, you don’t believe me Obi Wan. I am disappointed. After all the time we have known each other, you still doubt me. But you will see for yourself soon enough.” Darth Sidious said, still smiling.

“Don’t listen to him Amidala!”, Qui Gon also told her in a calm voice.

“I won’t. I know Ani is still alive. I know it.” Amidala said more to herself than to her friends.

Sidious just laughed. “We’ll see who is speaking the truth, we’ll see my dear. But don’t be too shocked when I am the one who is right!”

“Well,”, Vader said, after he kicked Anakin again into the stomach, which sent him two meters back, “I think it’s time to end this boring game. Don’t you agree? You failed your friends again, I think.”

“Go to hell, bastard!” Anakin said with gritted teeth and blood dripping down his face.

“Tz, tz, tz, what a behavior for a Jedi Knight, or is it Jedi Master? Well, sorry I have forgotten, which one is the correct name. And I don’t think that *I* am the one who will to go to hell, my friend. But hey, look at the bright side. You would have lived with everyone hating and fearing you, or me, they were fearing me, but otherwise they think you are me and ... No, that’s too confusing now. Let’s just say that they wouldn’t have forgiven you if you came back. So, I am doing you a favor.” Vader sneered at Anakin while he gripped his lightsaber harder and brought it in a position for a deadly blow.

“Maybe you want to know what will happen to your friends. Well, Sidious, Maul and I
will kill those Jedi, of course. I think that will be one of the funniest moments in my entire life. More fun than fighting with your weak son.”

When Anakin heard this, he felt anger growing in him and he sat up in a more moveable position.

<You have to forgive yourself first, before you can expect others to forgive you> Anakin blinked in surprise. ‘Master Qui-Gon? No, he is not here, but he’s right anyway. I can’t dwell on the faults of the past. Your focus determines you reality. If my mind and feelings are in the past, then I can’t do anything good about the future. So, FOCUS, Aniboy. Focus.’

“Nevertheless”, Vader continued, not noticing Anakin’s inattention, “we won’t forget your wife. I mean, where would be our manners if we would? But, ... I think we will be having a little fun with her, before we’ll kill her. If you know what I mean.”

At this something deep inside Anakin boiled over. He looked up a bit and saw Vader grinning, oblivious to the deadly determination that was now in Skywalker’s eyes. Just before Vader
wanted to hit the lightsaber into Anakin’s chest, Anakin jumped in the air with a scream, grabbed his own ‘saber with the Force, landed behind Vader and sliced off Vader’s right hand, in which he held his lightsaber. Vader stared shocked to where his hand had been, then looked up at Anakin, with a sudden fear in his eyes.

“Hurts, doesn’t it? But it will be over soon, I promise,” Anakin said with a dangerous softly voice. Vader made a lame attempt to flee into the woods, but Anakin leapt over him and sliced the Dark Lord in two halves, almost like Obi Wan did so many years ago with Maul. Breathing
hard, Anakin looked down at Vader, who was starring into the sky with a look of total surprise in his broken eyes. “Game over.”, Anakin said, still looking at his dead other self with disbelief and a feeling of ... ‘Calmness? Yeah, I am totally calm.  Weird, that’s totally different from every other kill I have permitted. After them I always felt more powerful and better than everyone else, but this ... Wow! I guess that’s the way a Jedi should feel. It’s about time that I discover that!’ he thought and then he snapped back into reality. ‘Ami! I have to save her.”

He had already been running a few meters to the Theed Palace, when he remembered that he would be dead before he was with Sidious again. ‘Damn, how can I come close enough to kill
him, before I am killed?’ Suddenly understanding came into his mind. He slowly turned to the corpse behind him. ‘I have to look *exactly* like him. But how? ... Well, Obi Wan and Yoda said that I am now stronger in the Force AND that I am the Chosen One. So ... I should be able to ... uhm ... change my looks,’ he thought. ‘BUT HOW? Well, maybe if I am think strongly enough about it then . . . Good, let’s try it.’ After a few moments of ‘thinking strongly’, he opened his eyes.

‘Well, let’s see.’ He ran a hand through his hair. ‘Damn, Still too long,’ he also noticed the blood on his hand. ‘Great, really great. As if a new haircut and a beard isn’t enough, I also
have to heal myself. Arrgh!’ he thought frustrated. Then he had an idea. ‘It’s stupid, but maybe it will work and if not, then I have to go the way I am looking now or it will be too late for them.’ He sat down beside Vader and began to meditate and tried to concentrate on Vader’s appearing as could as he could. After what felt like an eternity, but was after a quick glance at sun not much longer than a few minutes, Anakin opened his eyes again.

‘I don’t feel different,’ he thought. ‘Well, do you want to feel like *him*?’ a nerving little voice in his mind asked him. “No of course not,” Anakin answered aloud and annoyed. ‘I doubt that it worked, so I can...’ he stopped, forgetting whatever it was he was thinking. He had just been running  a hand through his hair and noticed that it was short, yes almost spiked. “It worked”, he shouted loud, unbelieving. He also felt a slight beard on his cheeks and noticed that he wasn’t bleeding or hurting anymore. “Thanks. Whoever has done this, thanks.” he whispered. ‘Luckily, I am not in two pieces like him.’ he thought cynically. “Well,” he thought grimly, “looks like I have to pay you a visit Sidious. One you won’t forget, especially then if you have done anything to Amidala. I’ll help you Ami, I promise. And if it’s the last thing I’ll do!” With that thought in his head, he began to walk to the Theed Palace.

Inside the Throne room, Sidious and Maul were slowly getting impatient and nervous. “If Lord Vader really is such a good fighter like you said, Master, then why isn’t he here yet?”

Sidious looked angry at his first apprentice, “Do you doubt me, Lord Maul?”, he asked provoking.

“Of course not my master. I was just wondering if Vader has difficulties. I mean, they are the same, both strong in the Force,” the younger Sith hastily replied, moving one step back.  “He won’t have any problems with this Skywalker, this one is weak in his mind and so he is easier to defeat than his son.”

The Jedi were following this conversation with great interest. “Hmm, looks like they are already having an argument.”, Obi Wan commented.

“Yeah, a small one, but indeed an argument.”, Qui Gon added satisfied. “I wonder what will happen when Vader joins them.

A master and two apprentices, that will be an interesting situation,” Windu said thoughtfully.

“IF Vader comes back!”, Amidala spat out angrily. “We don’t know if Anakin has lost, yet.”

Some Mandalorians moved closer to them, as their own conversation grew louder.

“Are you already getting nervous, my friends?”, Darth Sidious asked mockingly. “Try to be calm a few minutes longer, then your fate will be sealed.”

“Right, he is”, Yoda said quietly. “Patience need we. Will make us growing, patience will, but suffering impatience will!”

In this moment, the doors of the Throne room flew open and a figure walked in. Everyone was looking at the person with great concern and a bit of fear. As the person came nearer, everyone could see that he was dressed in black clothes. Sidious allowed himself a small smile, which grew into a satisfied grin when the newcomer took off his hood. ‘I knew he would have no problems with Skywalker.’ he thought to himself.

“Nooo!”, Amidala cried out loud. “That’s not possible. He can’t be dead. No. NO, he cannot be dead. He can’t!” She sank down to her knees and Obi Wan and Qui Gon were at her side at once to help her both to stand up again and to calm down. “He can’t be dead. It’s not fair. He came back to the Light and me. He is not ...” Amidala kept on sobbing.

“Why are you crying my fair queen? I told you, that he would loose,” Sidious told her, amused at her obvious despair.

Anakin looked surprised at Amidala. ‘She is really crying over me! Wow, that’s that’s ... Hey! That must mean that she still loves me!’ He almost allowed himself a smile, but could stop it. ‘No, if I show any kind emotions at her or the others, Sidious will know that I am not Vader. Damn. I have to show them who I really am. But how? Damn! But ... maybe that will

He slowly walked over to the Jedi and his wife, trying desperately to look hateful and not glad to see them alive. Anakin looked quickly at Sidious and Maul, who were watching him intensely, and made a slight bow. When he reached the small group, Amidala had herself almost under control and looked, like the Jedi, with anger and disgust at him.

‘I must really be doing a good job in playing Vader if even they don’t recognize me’, Anakin
thought, as he stood in front of them. When he turned to Amidala, Obi Wan and Qui Gon immediately blocked his way. ‘Always trying to protect others, even if they are in great danger,’ Anakin thought, almost smiling. “No need to worry guys. I won’t do anything to her, at least not now,” Anakin told them in his best ‘Vader voice’.

“Yeah sure. As if we could believe you!” Obi Wan shouted back. “If you say so, Kenobi.” Anakin answered a bit taken aback by the hate in his voice. ‘Vader. They think I am Vader. So relax a bit, Ani. It has nothing to do with you,’ he thought, already preparing for his next step.

He looked at Amidala, and told her, so that only she and the Jedi could hear him. “You really have great friends, my *angel*,” he looked intensely in her eyes, lost for a moment in their depth and hoping that she would get the message, “and don’t forget who I am and how you have to react when I am near! Understood angel?”

Amidala’s eyes widened in surprise. ‘That’s Ani! Thank god, he’s alive.’

When Anakin saw that she knew what he meant, he turned around and even noticed the confused faces of the Jedi, before he walked to the Sith.

Amidala also noticed the confused faces around her. “That’s not Vader. It’s Anakin! He just looks like Vader, so he can fool the Sith. He is here to help us. Don’t show that you know who he really is,” she told them quietly.

‘She has got it!’ Anakin thought happily, as he walked to the two Sith. ‘Let’s just hope that Sidious and Maul don’t know it yet! But even if they knew it, it wouldn’t help them anymore.’

Sidious looked quite satisfied with himself as he saw *Vader* walking towards him and his first apprentice. Maul just looked suspicious at the newcomer. Suddenly he could hear warning bells in his mind. “Master,” he said to Sidious in a low whisper, “I can feel that something with Vader isn’t all right. I can feel danger around him, danger for US, not the others. He ...”

An annoyed Sidious interrupted his speech. “*I* can’t feel anything dangerous and I would be *happy* if you would trust MY feelings. Or are you afraid that I will replace you with him?”, Sidious asked in a dangerous softly whisper and looked challenging at Maul.

“No, master. Of course I trust you, I ... I was just a bit uncertain about Vader. That was
stupid, of course. Please forgive me, my master!”, Maul answered quickly, but he was still not that sure about Vader. ‘I still think he is a danger.’ He noticed Vader/Anakin giving him an odd looked and bowed slightly in his direction. ‘You can be sure that I’ll keep an eye on you, my friend!’

‘Damn! He knows something is up’, Anakin thought when Maul bowed at him. ‘But Sidious doesn’t seem to notice anything about me. Good! His arrogance will be his end, ... like it was mine a long time ago.’ He thought, as he stopped before the Sith master.

“My master,”, he said as he sank down to kneel before his former master. “I did like you demanded. The traitor is destroyed.” ‘And he won’t be the only one who won’t see the sunrise again,’ he thought to himself.

“What a wise choice of words.”, Qui Gon said quietly to his companions. The others just nodded slowly.

‘He is back, he really came back to me!’ Amidala thought, while looking at Anakin.

“I never doubted your win, Lord Vader.”, Sidious told Anakin with a small smile. “Skywalker was an enemy, who was always easily defeated.”

Feeling a bit angry at this remark against himself, he answered as calm as possible, “Well, he had one or two good moments during our short fight.”

“Where is your lightsaber, if I may ask you, Lord Vader!”, Maul suddenly asked, looking suspiciously at Anakin.

“My... Oh! I see what you mean,” Anakin said surprised. ‘Damn, why didn’t think about that!’ he scolded himself. “Well, aehm, like I said. Skywalker had one or two good moments. He was
able to destroy my weapon, but somehow he was also able to, uhm, *lose* his own lightsaber. So, I killed the traitor with Skywalker’s weapon.”, Anakin answered with a sly smile. At least he hoped that it was a sly smile.

“Very well, Lord Vader. I have waited with the execution of Skywalker’s friends for you, like I promised.” Sidious said, waving a hand to the Jedi and the queen. “I thought, you would like to make the first kill. So, choose your first target!”

Anakin bowed, both to show *respect* and to hide his anger. “Thanks, my  master. You are far too generous. But may I ask for a favor?”

Maul looked up sharply. ‘That’s not good,’ he thought. Even Sidious seemed a bit surprised. ‘Oh no! I went too far,’ Anakin thought with a rising panic. But luckily, Sidious didn’t feel anything dangerous at all.

“Of course you may, Lord Vader.  What is your demand?”

“Well, I would be glad if I could have the pleasure of destroying these fools in private. It
would be more intense, more satisfying, I hope you understand that my master.” ‘Oh Force, please, please. Let him be stupid, because of his arrogance,’ Anakin
thought nervously.

“I can understand that you want to have your revenge alone.”

Anakin blinked in surprise. ‘He really is too arrogant for his own good. Not that I am going to complain about that!’

“But master”, Maul interrupted, “do you think that’s wise. I don’t doubt his abilities,” he said with a quick look to Anakin to show that he did, “but there are still four Jedi! It’s too dangerous.”

Anakin looked with hardly suppressed anger at Maul. ‘That damn little... Now relax! Don’t throw
anything away. It would have been too easy anyway, if they had left me alone with them.’

Sidious was thinking about Maul’s words for a moment. “You’re right, Lord Maul. Stay with Lord Vader while the Mandalorians and I leave to check on  the battle outside.”

‘Well, it’s at least it’s better than it would have been if both of them had stayed,’ Anakin thought and turned back to Amidala and the Jedi.

“I have also one demand, Lord Vader!”, Sidious said.

Anakin turned quickly back to him, bowing slightly. “What is it my master?” ‘He has noticed something!’ Anakin thought shocked.

“Please, leave one of them for Lord Maul and also one Jedi for myself.” Sidious said over
his shoulder, already walking to the door with the Mandalorians.

“Of course, master!”, Anakin said. ‘I will leave more than just one for you!’

When Sidious had left the room, Maul said to Anakin, “Well, let’s start, shall we? Oh and I hope you are not angry with me because of my worries Lord Vader?”

Anakin looked coolly at him, “Of course not, Lord Maul. Why should I be? Because you don’t want to risk our revenge?”, he said, while they were slowly walking to the small crowd in the middle of the room, “I am just sorry that I didn’t think about that risk myself.” Anakin paused for a moment, then added, “Although, I find your distrust in my abilities a little disgusting. Nevertheless, I hope our *teamwork*, if I might say so, will work out like I think it will!”

Maul looked a bit uncertain at Anakin, “Of course, it will work out fine. I have no doubt about that, Lord Vader.”

‘Something is not right with this situation. If I only knew what!’ Maul thought with a little bit or terror. Just then the two reached the group of four Jedi and a queen.

‘I can feel fear in you, my dark friend,’ Qui Gon thought, ‘And you have every reason to be afraid!’

“Well, I think it’s time to end this silly game, wouldn’t you agree?” Anakin asked Maul, but kept looking at Amidala.

“Ah ... yes, I think so,” Maul answered with a slight hesitation.

“Good. I am glad you think the same.”, Anakin answered calmly. Still looking at the queen, who
was smiling back at him. ‘She still loves me. I can’t believe it. After all I did,’ Anakin thought with wonder. ‘And soon we’ll have eternity to make up for our lost years.’

“I will begin then, if you don’t mind, of course.”

Maul just stepped back to give him room for his first strike.

Anakin ignited his blue lightsaber and pointed it at the queen’s head. “Ladies first, I’d say,” he said to the small group in front of him.

“It won’t work *Vader*,” Obi-Wan said, and hoped that his voice sounded hateful enough. ‘He
really looks exactly like Vader did! It’s amazing,’ Obi Wan thought. “In the end, the Light
will always win.”

“If you say so, Kenobi. If you say so.”, Anakin replied distractedly, lost in the eyes of his wife for a moment. After gaining control again, he looked back at Maul and nodded shortly at him. ‘Something is completely wrong. But what??’ Maul thought, desperately looking for
an answer.

At this moment, Anakin swung his saber at Amidala, switched it off, shortly before it could draw blood on her face and ignited it in time to punch its deadly end into Maul’s chest.

‘Why is he switching off ... ’ was Maul’s last thought, then the lightsaber cut through his flesh, like his own had done many years ago with Qui Gon. Anakin let the saber rest for a moment and then he pulled it hard through the left half of Maul’s chest. A look of surprise crossed Maul’s painted features, but was soon replaced with understanding.  He looked at the man who had permitted the deadly stroke.

“Skywalker, you ...”, he said and then he just ... vanished. The six remaining people just looked at each other in surprise.

“He just vanished, like a flash.”, Mace Windu said a bit taken back. The others could only nod; they were to surprised and shocked to actually make a move. But not for very long.

Amidala threw herself in Anakin’s open arms. “I ... I thought you were dead!”, she cried, leaning against him. “Don’t you ever dare to leave me again!”, she said in the best queen-voice she could
muster up. Anakin was about to answer, but then he suddenly threw them both aside. Just in time to miss a great white flash. A flash, he knew too well. ‘Shit! Why is he already back.’ Anakin thought desperately.

He looked up fast and saw Qui-Gon, Obi Wan destroying Mandalorians, while Yoda and Mace
tried their moves on Sidious. ‘They won’t be able to do it alone, I have to help them.’ Looking down at Amidala, who was watching the fight intensely, a shadow crossed his face. ‘I hope everything will work out well. I don’t want to leave her again.’ He carefully cupped her face with both his hands.

“I want you to stay here. Out of the fight. Okay?” he told her, looking directly into her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. ‘It’s not fair!’ he thought miserably. ‘Why does lives have to be so hard on us?’

She looked at him, understanding what he meant. “You will be careful, won’t you? Promise
me to be careful. Don’t leave me alone, again.”

Anakin felt tears filling up and fought them back as good as he could. “I’ll try. But you know that
won’t be easy. I can only promise you, that I’ll try everything to make sure that I come back. But I can’t promise you to come back. You know that, don’t you?”

Amidala just nodded, tears already running down her cheeks. Anakin kissed her quickly, then stood up and looking down at her once more. “Just stay out of danger, okay?”

“I will. I love you, Anakin. I always have.”, she told him sincerely. Anakin’s face brightened for a moment, “I love you too. Always.”

Then he turned and ran to the others, saber in his hand.

“Come back to me,” Amidala whispered softly as she ran to a dead Mandalorian and grabbed his weapon. ‘Just to be sure,’ she thought. She turned around, when she heard footsteps behind her. It was a Mandalorian, his weapon ready to fire. Amidala quickly ducked her head and fired first.
The Mandalorian fell dead to the ground, next to another dead one. ‘Stay out of danger, he said. I’d love to but danger seems to have it in for me,’ she thought, while carefully walking to a stone statue, a few meters to her right.

In the meantime, Anakin had run slightly behind Sidious. Mace Windu was lying wounded on the floor a few meters away from the Sith and Yoda was having some difficulties deflecting Sidious *flash* lights’ with some of his own.

‘When did he learn THAT?’ Anakin wondered as he watched the two for a moment. Then he launched himself at Sidious, leaving a bad cut in his side. Sidious screamed both from pain and surprise. But he regained control quickly, pushing Yoda aside with the Force and letting the white light flow through Anakin.

‘No, Not again,’ Anakin thought in pain. ‘I won’t die like that again.’ He was able to block a flash of light with his saber. He rolled aside, focused on Sidious who was a bit taken back, but sent already another flash at him. Anakin screamed out in pain. He was dimly aware of the
fact that Yoda came to his feet again and also of Amidala who was running in his direction. ‘No, Don’t come near.’ he thought desperately. ‘Can’t let him hurt her,’ he thought, already loosing focus. ‘Have to stop him.’

He gripped his lightsaber harder and pushed it with the Force in the direction, where he supposed Sidious was. Then another flash ran through his body. ‘I have failed them again’ was his last thought before everything became a blissful darkness.

‘Why is the light so piercing?’ was Anakin’s first thought, before he opened his eyes. ‘And where am I anyway?’ He tried to move into a sitting position, only to find out that something heavy was lying on his chest. ‘No.’, he thought with a feeling of panic, ‘I am NOT in the suit
anymore. It can’t be.’ His thoughts were interrupted by a kind voice.

“Lay back Anakin Skywalker and don’t dare to wake her up!” He looked surprised to his
right and saw his mother sitting in a chair beside his bed. She was smiling kindly at him, which stood in complete contrast to her stern words.

“What ... ?” Anakin began confused. ‘But I .... I failed. How can she be here?’

“Shh, don’t wake her up.”, Shmi spoke quietly and laid a finger on his lips. For the first time since he woke up, Anakin looked down at his chest, where Amidala was lying with her head, asleep. At her son’s questioning look, Shmi told him, “We two were here all the time and about thirty minutes ago she fell asleep for the first time. Please, be quiet. She needs it.”

Nodding slowly, he looked down at Amidala and softly stroked her hair with one hand, afraid to wake her up. “How... how long was I down? And what happened after I passed out? Is everyone all right?”, he asked in a whisper.

“Well, you have many questions, if I might say. Didn’t Yoda already tell you that you have to be more patient?” Anakin sighed in frustration and gave his mother a tired look. “Yes, he already did. And yes, I will learn to be more patient. Satisfied?”

Smiling, Shmi ruffled her son’s hair, which caused him to give her a pleading look. “What? Can’t I stroke the hair of my son?” At Anakin’s attempt to speak, she raised a hand. “O.k. O.k. I won’t do it again. For now. To answer your questions: You were playing Sleeping Beauty for almost three days.” At the surprised expression on Anakin’s face and his attempt to speak, she just raised her hand again. “Let me finish it, then you can ask questions. Patience, my dear, patience.” Anakin just raised his arms in surrender. “Everyone is fine. Uhm, well, Master Windu has a broken arm and Obi Wan a few cuts, but nothing serious. Nothing to worry about Ani.
How did it end? You have to ask Amidala that, I just heard it from a few others. And I doubt that it is true, what they told. I mean they also weren’t there.”

With that she ended her speech, waiting for her son’s questions, only to find him asleep again with his arms around his wife. “Well, thanks for your attention, Anakin.”, she said while standing up and leaving the room. After ruffling Anakin’s hair again.

When he woke up again, he looked directly into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. “Hi.”, Anakin said startled.

Amidala, lying above him, smiled a bit wider when she heard his surprised voice and felt him shifting underneath her. Then punched him lightly in the arm.

“Ouch, what was that for?” Anakin cried, now totally startled. Amidala’s face inched closer to his, “Don’t you *Hi* me, mister. You scared the hell out of me!” Then she closed the small distance between them and gave him a long, passionate kiss. When they broke finally apart, both were a bit breathless, ‘I thought I don’t need to breathe anymore. Crazy.’ Anakin mused, Amidala laid her forehead on his, still smiling and eyes closed. ‘AH, how I have missed that’, Anakin mused. ‘This closeness and the feeling of completeness. But still, ... ’

“I am sorry that I scared you. I didn’t mean to. And I am also sorry for all the things I did, back then, in the *real* galaxy.”, Anakin told her softly. “I know, love, I know. But don’t speak about that now. We have enough time to talk about it, but not now.”

After a few minutes of silence, Anakin asked quietly, “What happened after I passed out? Mum couldn’t tell me.”

Amidala positioned herself next to Anakin and thought for a moment. “Well, after you were unconsciousness everyone was quite shocked. *I* was shocked.” Anakin squeezed her shoulders a bit, which caused her to smile. “Master Yoda was the first who regained control. He turned back to the Emperor and sent him flying backwards into the wall. You know, you hit him bad with your lightsaber.”

Anakin looked at her in mild surprise. “I did?”

Amidala smiled up at him and gave him a peck on his cheek. “Oh yes, you did. You’ve hit his left shoulder. Near his heart. Well, when the Emperor, or Sidious, was lying against the wall, Qui-Gon was at his side at once and killed him, finally.” Amidala paused for a moment, remembering those scenes. “Obi Wan fought the last Mandalorians, while Qui-Gon, Yoda and I rushed to you and Master Windu. Outside, our side also won the battle.”

With that she ended her story. They were both silent for a moment.

“Then it is over now,” Anakin said. “And I suppose that Yoda saved us all. And I thought I was the one who should bring balance to the Force.”

“Anakin, you DID bring the balance. Without you, we wouldn’t have had a chance to win,” Amidala told him vehemently.

“You are right, like always,” he said and kissed her forehead. “So, what are we going to do with eternity? Any ideas?” Amidala just smiled wider.

“Hm, yes I have some.”

Anakin looked at her, “Oh really? what?”

She looked at him with a glimmer in her eyes. “Well, making up for all the time we spent apart.”

“Well, that will need much time, my love,” Anakin told her serious.

“I know. For some things I have planned there won’t be enough time I fear,” Amidala said sadly, but she was still grinning from ear to ear.

Anakin looked at her surprised. “Oh. And what have you planned?”

Grinning she whispered something in his ear.

Yoda, who was just walking outside the door of the Skywalker’s bedroom, looked up in surprise as he heard Anakin’s voice. “Your Highness!!! I am shocked about how perverted you are thinking. I ... “ But for some reason Anakin was cut off. Yoda was glad NOT to know what stopped him from finishing his sentence.

“My, times getting hard will. Quiet was it. Over now that seems.” He said shaking his head, walking through the corridors of the Theed Palace.