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Title: Evidence Revealed
Author: TJ Perkins
Author: E-mail:
Category: Between the Trilogies
Keywords: Leia, Winter
Summary: This is an adventure story involving Leia and Winter, when they
were eighteen, right before Leia's capture by Darth Vader. They
stumble upon a secret base that has been creating a secret weapon
for the Empire. As we all know, all characters, locations and props
are properties of George Lucas. All original material is my copy-
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created
and owned by Lucasfilm, Ltd. No money is being made and no
infringement is intended.

TJ Perkins


By TJ Perkins
Orignial Material Copyright 2000

Winter remained crouched behind a stack of crates marked with
the Imperial symbol. Her long, pure white hair hung wildly around
her beautiful face as she watched, and listened intently to all that
was going on around her. Blessed with the gift of having a
holographic and audiographic memory, Winter vividly remembered
everything that was being said, as well as any actions going on
around her. The special talent she possessed made her a valuable
assistant to Princess Leia, whom she accompanied to Senatorial
Council meetings. Being only eighteen, Leia Organa was now the
youngest Senator to ever grace the Council. Her youth was not to
be taken lightly however. Serving with her father Bail Organa, Leia
had already proven to be assertive and extremely knowledgeable.
With the abilities Winter possessed, she could readily recall any
information Leia needed.

Winter's talents went far beyond being a simple recorder,
however; she also had a knack for getting into private Imperial
military bases. Using her beauty as well as intelligence, Winter had
been able to infiltrate a secret warehouse located on the far side of
an unnamed imperial base, so unnamed that only the officers of the
imperial fleet knew of its existence. Still, even within their own
kind, this knowledge was shared with only a chosen few, forcing
Winter to slice into a military computer and pull the list of names.
This enabled her to carefully attach herself to the correct people.

Carefully choosing a hidden identy -- one of many -- Winter
served as a yeoman for several of the officers connected to the
base. It had only been a matter of time before she was able to slice
into a top secret computer, hack through the maze of codes and
learn of the base location. But seeing it on a computer data pad
wasn't enough; she felt strongly about seeking out the base herself
and discover exactly what was being kept hidden. The white-haired
beauty stowed away on an imperial cruiser bound for the
anonymous base. She had emerged, wearing a new disguise, and in
a matter of days learned enough to cause the imperials more trouble
than they could possibly imagine.

She had been gone for several months, with no contact to her
dearest, closest friend Leia Organa. Knowing Leia would be
worried, Winter made quick notes of all she had discovered. Under
the concealment to night, she escaped the heavily guarded base
hidden in a create bound for Alderaan. Once she had arrived, she
immediately confided in Senator Bail Organa and Leia about her
discovery. Senator Organa felt he should talk to the Senate about
the situation and ask for assistance. Leia and Winter had plans of
their own.

With newly concocted disguises, Winter led Leia onto the base.
She used the same passcodes, took the same hallways and, once
close enough to the warehouse, snuck in the same way she had
done time and again. Working their way from the far side of the
warehouse, they crept stealthily from one hiding place to another.
With Winter leading the way, Leia hung back behind stack after
stack of crates, tightly sealed drums of liquid and equipment parked
closely together. She knew this was a dangerous game they were
playing, but if they had to wait for her father to get any type of
assistance from the Senate, then they might as well give up any
hope of finding out what the big secret was.

Leia held her breath and nervously chewed on her bottom lip as
she watched Winter quietly slip behind another stack of drums.
They were almost close enough to view the object of mystery. Just
a little closer.
Manuvering to a stack of crates, Winter stuck her head out from
behind the pile and waved Leia on, inviting the young senator to
hastily join her behind the concealment. Leia rushed forward,
crouching low while keeping her eyes locked on the imposing scene
they had stumbled upon.
"Okay, Leia, this is it," Winter whispered, drawing her blaster
and taking the setting off of stun.
"You mean, this is as far as we go?"
"No. What I mean is, this is the area that is handling the object
of secrecy. Over there," Winter motioned with her head toward
the bustling beyond their refuge, "we just need to crash the party."

Leia drew her blaster as well and peered between the crates at
the men packing up large sections of machinery. Winter had
learned that the pieces were being created on this base, and as they
were completed, the crew packed them up and shipped them to an
area of space called the Outland Regions. For what purpose? Leia
could only speculate and the answers weren't good.
"How do you plan on crashing this party?" Leia asked, raising
one eyebrow.
Winter produced several tiny thermal detonators from a pack
she had slung over her neck and shoulder. Unlike a full-sized
thermal detonator, the smaller version didn't cause as much
destruction, just fires and a lot of chaos. Rolling them loosely in
the palm of her hand, Winter stared at Leia and shot her a wry grin.
"Don't you think we should find out the exact location of where
these pieces are being taken too? When put together, what does it
form? What is its purpose?" Leia questioned, not wanting to
destroy evidence before they had a chance to unravel all the secrets.
"Leia, I told you, I've tried. They use a series of hyperjumps,
course changes and back-tracking. It makes it impossible to follow
them. I have no idea where this Outland Region is located,"
Winter whispered, hoping to sway Leia into seeing things from her
point of view. "This all smells of rotting Bantha flesh. I mean, look
at this...they're secretly making a device piece by piece and sneaking
it to some destination to put it together. What ever it is, it's huge."
"I understand what you're saying, but blowing up a few pieces of
the puzzle won't stop them from making new ones," Leia knelt on
the thermacreate floor and rested her blaster in her lap. "I just
wanted to find out who was in charge of all of this and what they
were making...that's all."

Winter looked lovingly at her best friend and placed a hand on
Leia's shoulder. "Dear Leia, I have hacked as far into their
computers as I possibly could. The information is so heavily coded
it would take an expert hacker months to figure it out. You and I
know that the imperials are up to no good, no matter what Senator
Palpatine claims."
"True...well, if we can't get hard evidence, or a data disk of
information, then I guess the next best option is to mess things up a
bit," Leia summed up, releasing a deep sigh and getting back into a
crouch position. "I'm just worried how we're going to get out of
here after the fun begins."
"Don't worry. I have it all figured out," Winter soothed. She
set the timer on one of the detonators and just as she was about to
throw it....

"Be careful with that!" It was a man's voice, commanding and
Leia put her hand on Winter's arm, signaling to halt all action for
the moment. She leaned closer to Winter and gently pulled her
lower to the ground.
"I know that voice," she whispered, "But I need to make sure
of who I think it is." Leia raised up and peered over the stack of
crates, seconds later, Winter squeezed her head next to Leia's,
recording all she saw and heard. The two young women stared in
complete amazement at the assemblage of military leaderage that
suddenly appeared; apparently they were here to oversee the
"Oh, my....," Leia gasped, "Do you know who that is?" Her
question was more of a statement as she watched the men carefully.
"Yes. Grand Moff Tarkin," Winter answered, not that Leia
didn't already know, it was more for the sake of reassuring each
other, that who they were both seeing was correct.

For the Grand Moff to be involved in this secrecy was far more
than either of them could comprehend. Known for his ruthlessness,
the Moff had stopped at nothing to ensure his place among the
higher-ups within the Empire. Somehow he had continuously
brought forth some of the most deadly weapons the Republic had
ever seen; huge walking tanks, turbolazer cannons of fierce strength
and new high-tech blasters. No one could figure out how he was
able to concoct such items and no one dared oppose him. Grand
Moff Tarkin enjoyed it immensely when people cowered before
him; it gave him a sense of power and it showed within the way he
carried himself and spoke to others.

Accompanying Tarkin was a man Leia and Winter had never
seen before. He was middle-aged, slim and somewhat shorter than
the Moff with thinning, dark hair. Leia shot Winter a questioning
glance as they listened closely to what was being said.
"Chief Lemelisk," Tarkin ordered, more so than requested,
"inspect each piece for proficiency. Make sure they are being
prepared correctly." As Tarkin strutted himself haughtily around a
chunk of machinery, he waved for the workers to remove the
protective tarp that covered it. Which they did without hesitation.
Revealed to them was a massive piece of apparatus, black in
color and in the shape of a half circle. It was as wide as it was
broad. Leia couldn't quite place the correct size, possibly one
hundred fifty meters.
"Look at it, Winter," Leia whispered, "it's huge! And look how
thick it is."
"Just keep in mind, this is only one very small piece to an even
bigger puzzle."
The man called Chief Lemelisk, inspected many of the
connectors and areas that were used to join other pieces of the
device to itself, Leia reasoned. As she watched, Leia began
experiencing a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her
breath began to quicken and she was overcome with a feeling of
death and despair as another of the massive pieces were unveiled
and brought together with the first. With the two together, she
could make out a sunken dish area in the center; though there were
two other pieces missing, she was pretty sure this was a central part
of the mysterious creation.

"Now, Moff Tarkin," Chief Lemelisk said, holding a thick rod
to the edge of the dish area, "this is only to give you an idea, mind
you. The four conductor rods will go about the center of this area
here, thus connecting to the central output device, where all the
energy will flow."
"Excellent," Tarkin spoke proudly, "After my installation is
complete, we will be able to furnish all of our own materials and
create anything we want without worrying about prying eyes." His
smile broadened as he spread his arms wide, taking in the gigantic
pieces, "This will be my greatest accomplishment for the Empire."
"I agree, Grand Moff," Chief Lemelisk folded his hands and
made himself humble.
"I don't like this," Leia said, slinking down behind the crates
and turning to her friend, "You're absolutely right Winter, we need
to try and demolish these pieces. They may build replacement
ones...later, but that will be later...hopefully much later. I don't
know...I just have this feeling lots of people are going to die if we
don't do something."
"At least we can slow them down," Winter said, lightly
fingering the detonator she had already set.
Leia quickly looked over their concealment once more. The
workers were opening a huge door, so they could move the pieces
outside to waiting turbolifts, with the Moff and his chief engineer
following closely. She shook her head and gave Winter the go
ahead. Without hesitation, Winter set the timer to ten seconds and
threw it.

All eyes turned toward the pinging sound. Comments of
suspicion were quickly replaced with cries of anguish as the tiny
bomb went off. Leia could hear some of the men screaming in pain
as their flesh was quickly burned from their bodies. Others were
hurt, while still others fought to put out the flames. One by one,
detonators went off all over the warehouse, igniting fuel tanks and
making it impossible for anyone to put out the flames.
Winter grabbed Leia by the arm, pulling her along as they
dashed through the burning building. Even though they were
wearing common coveralls donned by all the base workers, the two
infiltrators were spotted in all the confusion.

"Get them!" Moff Tarkin shouted. "The Rebel scum! It'll take
more fire power to destroy these fragments than mere detonators!"
He called after them, watching the two spies escape certain death as
laser blast after laser blast barely missed them.
"Did anyone get a good look at them?" A lieutenant questioned
several of his men that had pursued the rebels.
"No Sir," a young man returned, "it's possible they were moles
or informants."
"Don't let them get away!" Chief Lemelisk shouted.
"Don't worry," Tarkin soothed, "They didn't see, or hear, much.
Besides, once we get our super weapon completed, the Rebel
Alliance base will be the first place we test it's strength."