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I'll Always Think of You

Written by Lady Serenity Moon

Note: I do not own any of these Star Wars Characters. (I don't have these disclaimers in my chapters but)

Summary: Anakin and Amidala return to Tatooine to rescue Shmi from slavery.

Rating: PG

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I'll Always Think of You.....

Chapter One - Mission Objective in Sight

The snow floated to the ground silently. It made me feel like I was all
alone. But I knew that would never be true as long as I had Amidala,
the love of my life. I know that every man says this at least once in
their life but I mean it with all my heart. I knew I loved her when I saw
her for the first time in Watto's workshop.

She was dressed in peasant clothes as to keep a low profile. She was
supposedly a young handmaiden back then. But I knew that she
was much more. Padmè, as she called herself, later revealed herself to
be Queen Amidala of the Naboo. Her chief handmaiden, Sabè
had been impersonating her since the Trade Federation had decided to
invade Naboo.

It brings me back to the first time she indirectly told me that she
cared about me. I had just made her a small pendant so she would
alays remember me by. Needless to say she replied that she would always have
me and I her. That is when my childhood crush on the Queen
began. After she had sucessfully gained back control of our planet we
had to say a hurtful goodbye to each other.

I was still morning over the death of Qui-Gon and I really didn't pay
much attention to her after the funeral. Such a I think
back on it now. I should have then maybe we would have keep in contact
over the next few years. The new few years were all about
training to be a Jedi, I never had much contact with Amidala.

We sent one or two holo's in the first year, then over a peroid of many
months we both gave up either recording or writing to each other.
It was near my 19th birthday when Obi-Wan and I were requested to go to
Naboo to join in the 10th Anniversary of the win over
the Trade Federation. Naboo was much the same than when I had been
there ten years before except their technology was far
more advanced.

When I first caught sight of Amidala it took my breath away, she had
been a mere teenage girl when I saw her last, now she was a full
grown women of 24. Her long chocolate coloured hair was done up in a
very elaborate hairstyle, typical of her to make a big entrance.
I was wearing my traditional Jedi robes and looked as boring and
un-exciting as usual. Amidala's gaze immediately fell over Obi-Wan
who walked in front of me.

They talked for a few seconds and she turned to me. She gave me a
questioning look and then I did something daring. I approached her
and carefully whispered in her ear, "Are you an angel?" She jumped back
half in shock, half in suprise I think. The surprise part was
correct since I was no longer a little boy. I had grown taller and
towered over her small frame. My hair was cut into the traditional padawan
hairstyle and I wore a sly grin.

Later that night I went to her room and we talked and exchanged many
holo pictures and memories. That's when our bond started to
grow strong again. My heart ached when I wasn't near her. Finally on
the last night before I was to return to the Jedi Temple she
kissed me and told me of her feelings. I told her my love for her would
never die and that I would be back to marry her. I never
went back on my promises so as soon as I reached Knighthood. I visited
Naboo and proposed to her of which she accepted immediately.

Our wedding was in the Summer amongst the beauty of the hillside of
Naboo. It was a small cermony only friends and family were allowed
to go. My mother, the one I had left on Tatooine, was not invited. I
sent a message to Tatooine asking her to come. But she never replied.
Surely, she would of heard about a headstrong young Queen Amidala
marrying a very cheeky Jedi named Anakin Skywalker.

I think that's why my heart still aches. I haven't seen her in almost
fiffteen years. I want to go back and find her, ask her to come back
to Naboo with me. Tell her that my dreams have been accomplished. Have
her near me always so I know that's she's safe. Is my love for her
clouding my judgement? I can see why Jedi are taken away from their family
so early. I fear that my mother is not safe that she died a long time ago,
alone and lonely.

I haven't told Ami, any of this but somehow she always seems to know.
She's my other half, my soulmate of course she would know
if something was wrong with me. I look outside the window of my bedroom to
see children playing in the snow, their mothers standing
a few meters away laughing and enjoying each others company.

That's how it should be. Something moves from behind me. I turn around
to see Amidala looking at me as if to say, Are you alright Ani?

"Hey Ani, what's up?" She asked as she looked carefully over my
shoulder at the children and their mothers playing in the snow. She smiled
understandly. I looked towards the floor not daring to answer her.

She bent down in front of me and clasp my hands. "Are you missing your
mother again?" She asked softly. I nodded. "Oh Ani," She replied
as she pulled me into a big hug.

"Hey, I gotta breath you know," I joked.

Amidala carefully touched my cheek and seemed to be deep in
thought for moment. "I was talking with Obi-Wan and Master Yoda earlier
and they think that your first mission as a Knight should be for
you to go and get your mother and bring her back here."

I gasped. I couldn't believe it, they had finally granted me permission. I
jumped off my seat, Amidala fell to the ground but I quickly picked
her up and twirled her around quickly. "I'm going to bring my mother
back here to live with mother" I shouted at the top of my lungs.
Amidala laughed and clung to me closely.

"Excuse me," Obi-Wan said clearing his throut. I stopped twirling my wife
around and faced Obi-Wan who was leaning against the doorframe.
"Sorry to interupt Anakin. But we need to decide who is to come with
you on this exciting little trip," Obi-Wan added.

"I want to go with you as always," Amidala spoke.

"That might not be wise Ami, it might be dangerous. We can't have the
Queen getting hurt," I told her.

She grumbled, "Come on we're just going to pick up Shmi and then leave.
Simple, no danger. Shesh Ani you overeact!"

Obi-Wan laughed. "And of course I will be going."

I sighed there was just no beating these two. "Ok you two can come, but
Ami I insist on two of your handmaidens coming with us. We will take
the Royal Starship because of it's cloaking abilities. I also
suggest that some Royal guards are to come with us," I stated.

"I'll go and tell Sabè and Sachè that they will be accompaning me."
Obi-Wan laughed yet again and quietly added, "Are we taking the
kitchen sink with us too?"


Chapter Two - From Naboo to Tatooine

The Solar System of Naboo speed past us as we entered hyperspace. I
liked the Royal Starship, not because of it's attacking
capabilities but because of it's defense which had saved us on many
occasions. I sat on a side seat in the cockpit staring out
in space through the front porthole.

I realized that I could get a better view of what was out there in the
Viewing Room, but I was not prepared to risk leaving these two
guards to operate this ship even though they had been doing it for
years and I knew them well. The man to my left was, Captain
Lunar. He had been in the service of Padmè for more than 10 years now.
He had a wife and two children who lived in Theed, only
a few blocks away from the Royal Palace.

To my right was a young man who liked to be called by only his nickname
'Freddy' He had only been working here for about three
years now, but he was already one of the most trusted Royal Pilots, at
good one at that. "Sir," Freddy said, "We will be in orbit around
Tatooine in about an twenty minutes."

"Thank you," I answered as I got out of my seat and started to walk down
to a lower level of the ship.

I was restless, I couldn't sit down or stand up. It would only be a
little bit more than a few hours before I could finally see her, hug her and
be with her. Will she still recognize me? Do I have to introduce
myself? Hey mum it's me Anakin! Yeh that will go down real well.
Hey Mum, remember me? No It's me Anakin! No too straight forward.

How in the force's name will I tell her of my marriage to Padmè? Of
everything that has happened in the past few years? Qui-Gon?
Past Girlfriends? Not a subject that I would like to talk to her about.
My head ached yet again. I stumbled towards the cabnet in the
kitchen. I looked quickly through a couple of draws before I found the
familar wrappings of a pain - killer box.

I know that meditating could easily solve this forsaken headache but at
the moment I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to even think
of trying to clear my mind. I grabbed a glass of cold water from the
fridge and slipped two pain killers out of the packet and was about
to take them when I heard somebody behind me chuckle. Not many people
were game enough to laugh at me, so I guessed that it could
either be Amidala or Obi-Wan.

"Anakin Skywalker, taking pain killers I must see this," A women's
voice teased.

Ok now I know that it's Amidala well that's unless
Obi-Wan had a sex change without me knowing so. Nah! "Padmè, stop
teasing me, you would be like this to if you were finally
going to see you mother for the first time in years," I exclaimed as I
spun around quickly to face her.

"I was only joking, Ani. God, your stress and tension levels must be
right up at the moment," Padmè answered.

"Yeh something like that! I'm just worried, what if Mum is still a slave.
How in the force's name are we going to free her?"

Padmè laughed, "Being a Queen does have it advantages. Surely we can work
out something. Anakin calm down, you're making me worry now."

Padmè walked behind me and started to massage my shoulders. Just at
that moment, all my worries and doubts faded away. Padmè
had always been good with her hands, I'll give her credit for that.
Just as she was about to reach the big stress knot in my shoulder,
the speaker came on and announced that they were in orbit around my
home planet.

They also said that they were awaiting orders from either myself or
Padmè. Padmè sighed, "We'll finish this another time, you can be sure
of that."

"I'll look forward to it," I replied.

I gave her one of my traditional sly grins and grabbed her hand, dragging
her towards the cockpit. I reminded myself of that small playful little
boy that I had once been. It was good to be home, well around the orbit of
my home anyway.


Chapter Three - Destination Home

"Ani, Anakin," Amidala yelled waving her hand in front of my face

"Yeh," I answered. "Are you alright? You looked like you
were off in that dream world of yours," Obi-Wan teased as he looked up
from the map he had in his hands. I was tempted
to poke my tongue out at my master, but I decided to focus on the
events at hand.

The three of us sat around a beautifully handcrafted table studying the

map of Tatooine which Obi-Wan presently held in his hands.

"What were we talking about?" I asked.

Amidala sat to the left of me, wearing a long blue 'V neck' dress that
had many golden flowers imprinted on it. Oh, I've never seen that dress
before, I'll have to examine it tonight.

"I was asking you were do you want to land?" She replied.

Obi-Wan handed me the map and I looked at it briefly. There were only a few
dots on the map which represented cities, the rest were either mountains
or small settlements made by the people who did not like to completely
live under the rule of the Hutts. I directed my attention to the main city which
my mother lived in. There seemed to be nothing to stop us landing just outside the
city. I pointed to the place which I thought would be the best
location to land.

Obi-Wan laughed, Amidala grinned. Huh? What's so funny?

"Oh Ani do you realise the spot you just chose is where we landed
all those years ago," Amidala answered. Oh by the force, I didn't

"Wouldn't you say that it just a little more more than
just a coincidence," Obi-Wan stated.

"Maybe," Amidala and I said in unison.

"Oh and I suppose that was a little bit more than just a coincidence
too, huh?" I teased.

Obi-Wan sighed, "Maybe this time we can leave you on this desert rock."

"Not a chance," I said as I winked at Obi-Wan. Amidala laughed but quickly
put her hand over her mouth. Amidala grinned and made her way over to a
small communication unit on the wall.

"Captain," Amidala spoke into it.

"Yes, your highness," Captain Lunar's voice said over the com unit.

"We will be landing in ten minutes at these co-ordinates 45622.00326.
Have you got that, Captain?" Amidala read.

"Yes ma'am, as you wish."

"Thank you," Amidala answered softly as she cut him off

"I better get to the bridge," I said. Obi-Wan rolled his eyes.

"Come on, they can do without you for just one landing. They've
been trained for this. You know, you may be known as the best
pilot in this sector and the Naboo system by you are surely the one who
stresses the most."

I hate it when Amidala does this to me. She could convince me to do
anything she wanted, I loved her that much. She was my
angel, my shining light amongst the darkness. Amidala grinned at me
knowing that she had won already. I grumbled something about how women
treated me and fortunatly for my sake nobody heard me, I think!

Ooppps, Obi-Wan is looking at me better duck, no too late. He's
smiling, mircles do happen.

"Better get a away team ready to go with you," Obi-Wan suggested.

"I'm one step ahead of you boys. Firstly my two handmaidens and myself
who will be dressed in peasant clothes and you two. Captain Lunar and a
few guards will stay with the ship. Freddy and about eight guards shall
accompany us," Amidala stated obviously proud of herself.

"My your highness, you have been busy," I replied. To tease her even
more I took her hand and kissed it and bowed in front of her.
Amidala snatched her hand out of mine.

"No kisses for you, my dear man," she replied. I grumbled. "Master Skywalker,
we have our landing sector in site, do you wish to land the ship yourself?"
Freddy's voice said over the communication unit.

"No, go right ahead. Once you have landed please open the right hatch," I answered.

"Yes, sir."

"I better get changed. Excuse me gentlemen," Amidala said as she quickly exited
the room. The door closed leaving Obi-Wan and myself in a dead silence.

"Anakin, I've been meaning to talk to you, but we just haven't had the time
lately to have heart to heart conversations."

I nodded realizing what Obi-Wan was getting at. "Well about your mother,
even though I never met her I must tell you just in case she's not all
you wanted her to be."

Obi-Wan approached me and put his hand on my shoulder in a fatherly jesture.

"It's been about 14 years now, she might have changed. I grant you this she
would never forget you. But she might have a different
attitude to life now. She might still be a slave, there are so
many possibilities. Just don't think that she will be exactly as you
hoped or dream her to be. Do you understand me?" Obi-Wan was
right, I left her years ago she might think I'm never coming back.

She might never be who she used to be anymore. "I know, I've been
thinking the same thing and your right. I shouldn't expect anything of her."
Obi-Wan nodded and smiled, "But you must remember whatever happens,
Amidala and myself will always be with you, forever that I am sure of."

I felt like giving Obi-Wan a hug, he had always been like the father I never
had. "Thank you," I answered as I embraced him.

"And know this I will always be with you forever," I told him

Obi-Wan looked at his holo-watch, "Come on or we're going to be
late." True to Obi-Wan's reminder we were late by the time I was ready
and changed, Amidala and the rest of the team were waiting
quietly outside for me. Well I tohught they were watching quietly.
Amidala could only but stare at the city in the distance. Naboo was
so different compared to my home-world. Obi-Wan and I were wearing a
long cloak as to hide our lightsabers which sat on our hips.

Sabè and Sachè stood beside her in normal clothes. They were too busy
wiping the sweat of their hot foreheads. Obi-Wan was behind
me and was about as late as I was. The guards and their commanding
officer, Commander 'Freddy' Jones stood at attention as I
walked past. I got the impression that the guards seemed to have the
utmost respect for me, I was the Queen's husband after all.
I noticed that the guards and Freddy were all in normal as not to
attract attention.

"Everything alright Freddy?" I asked casually.

"Yes Sir, the men have never seen this planet and they are very excitied
as you can well imagine," he answered.

"Yes, you are doing a good job, keep it up," I continued speaking to Freddy
in barely whisper so Amidala or anybody else for that matter could not here me,
"Nothing is to happen to my wife or her handmaidens. Do you know what I'm meaning
Freddy? Anybody comes near them and tries anything smart you have permission to use
force if nescessary."

Freddy nodded and turned around to talk to his men. "Ami, ready to go?" I

"Let's do it!" She said enthusiastically. Freddy assigned four
guards to walk in front of us and four behind us. Freddy, himself stood
near Amidala. We walked slowly down a large hill that was just outside
the city. People were everywhere either walking or on a hovercraft. The
city had changed there were many more buildings and more people
from what I saw.

Sabè and Sachè gasped. Of course they had never seen much of Tatooine
on thier last trip. Sachè didn't see any of it, she was left on Naboo to
deal with the Trade Federation. Amidala's face showed more of interest
than fear.

"Curosity killed the cat," I reminded her.

"I don't care," she answered back. Amidala speed towards a nearby cart which
sold many bits and bobs. One of the guards at the front looked at me. I shook
my head.

Amidala giggled as she picked up this little stuffed bunny. It was pink
and looked about as old as me. The woman smiled at her. Amidala
was about to put it down when the woman insisted that she take it.
Amidala thanked the woman. Maybe this woman could be of help
to us.

"Excuse me ma'am," I interupted.

"Yes," the woman answered.

"I was wondering if you could help us. We are looking for a woman who
goes by the name of Shmi Skywalker. Do you know where we
could find her?" The woman laughed. "Shmi of course. She lives right
down there. The same place she has lived for about 20 years now,"
the woman answered. "Thank you, come along Ami," I said grabbing
Amidala as I began to walk towards my old house. My mind seemed to remember
the way automaticly.

Everybody else tried to catch up with us, as my pace began to become
faster and faster. Finally, my old house was in sight, it looked nearly
exactly the same. Colour, size, of course it would.

"Ani, slow down. Let everybody catch up," Amidala said. I stopped quickly
and waited for the others to catch up. We gradually all reached the door to my
house. It was password protected as always but if Mum hadn't changed
it in all these years it would be easy to crack.

Amidala signaled for most of the guards to stay outside the door and
try not to look like they were military. Three guards including Freddy
were to come in with us. I was too frightened to press the door buttom
but Ami being Ami pushed my finger towards it. The bell rang for a few
seconds and suddenly stopped as the door slid open.

An older woman in her late forties stood in the doorway. She smiled,
"Hello." I would have known my mother anyhwere. Even though her hair
was now turning grey. I was speechless and could not say a word.
Amidala quickly took over for me. "Hello. May we please come in we have
something to tell you that could not be said out in public," Amidala

My mother was a ever-trusting person and let us all in. She looked
towards the other guards outside and looked a tiny bit worried like she
thought she was in trouble.

"Please sit down," Mother said.


I'll Always Think of You.....

Chapter Four - Optional Freedom

My mother stood only a few metres from me, but her attention wasn't
focused on me. She chose to look at Amidala who had her two handmaidens
standing beside her seat. My mother almost looked like she thought she
was in trouble. One guard stood at the front door and the other stood at
the back. Freddy stood next to me and Obi-Wan leaned up against a
nearby wall. The room was almost the same as I had seen last, I'm glad
that nothing much had changed.

"What can I do for you?" Mother asked.

Amidala smiled, "It's not what you could do for us it's what we could do for you."
Mother looked shocked and taken back.

"Yes please, go on," she answered. "I have brought somebody
from your past with me and they would like to be reunited with you
again," Amidala told her.

Mother frowned. "But I have nobody special from my past, but ---,"
she stopped in mid-sentence. Tears slipped down her face.

Amidala was about to speak but I cut her off, "Mother, please don't

Amidala frowned at me, I could tell that she have prefered to explain
somethings before I told her my true identity.

Mother gasped. "Ani," She spoke barely in a whisper.

"I told you I'd come back for you," I told her. She smiled and her face showed it's
true age. She nodded and pulled me towards her for a hug. "Everybody said that you were
going to never come back, but I never believed them. Now look at you, your all
grown up and quite handsome I must say."

"Aww, mum," I whined, trying to impersonate the voice I used to use when I
younger, hoping that it would bring back some good memories.

"It's amazing some girl hasn't snapped you up already," Mother joked.
She didn't know how close to the truth she was. Amidala giggled.

"Ani, my you haven't introduced me to any of your friends yet," She
scolded me.

"I was getting to that but I have something to tell you," I admitted.
How will she take the news that I'm know a Jedi, well
Padawan anyway. Obi-Wan thinks that I will become a knight any
day now.

"Come on, don't make me wait." I carefully pulled my cloak up to reveal
my lightsaber. I lifted the Jedi weapon off the belt on my waist and placed
it in Mum's hands. "Oh by the force, Ani, your a Jedi now right?" I

Mum suddenly started to cry. "I'm so proud of you. I must remember
to thank Qui-Gon if I ever see him." A quick tear rolled down my face.
Obi-Wan looked away and Amidala's gaze drifted down towards the floor.

"What happened?" Mum asked. I chose not to answer her silently hoping
that somebody would take off where I left off.

"He died a few days after you met him. He was killed by a Sith," Obi-Wan told her.

Mum stood up and walked towards Obi-Wan, "And you would be?"

"Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon's Padawan."

"He's my master the one who trained me," I spoke up. "I'm truely sorry for bringing
that subject up," Mother told Obi-Wan.

"You didn't know. Don't worry about it," Obi-Wan answered.

Since I had not introduced her to everybody she had decided to do it
herself. She walked over to Freddy and smiled at him. "I suppose your a
Jedi too." Freddy chuckled. "No, I'm Commander Freddy Jones in the
Royal Naboo Army under Master Skywalker's command," Freddy answered.

"Master Skywalker? Ani, there must be things that you are yet to tell

True there was, since I got married to Amidala the people had voted
to give me the honourary title of 'Master' for all I had done in the
past and in the present.

Mother smiled and I kept quiet. Amidala was next on the list. "And who
might this beautiful lady be? I think I remember you, would you have
been that young handmaiden, Padmè. I think your name was." Amidala
smiled, "I was playing the part of a young handmaiden but my real name is
Queen Amidala of Naboo. Sabè, my chief handmaiden was playing the part
of the Queen while I was away. These are two of my handmaidens,
Lady Sabè, my decoy and Lady Sachè."

"Nice to meet you all especially you Amidala --," Mother was really
asking for Ami's full name.

Amidala looked towards me and I nodded. "Amidala
Padmè Skywalker." Mum nearly chocked when she heard the name, she
immediately looked back and forth behind Amidala and myself and the
rings on our fingers. All these years I imagined myself telling mother
of my marriage to Ami. In my dream she had reacted differently but
none of that mattered now.

I stood there with a giant grin on my face. Amidala smiled and took my

"Your married to Ani?" Mum asked.


"Oh my, Anakin. I told you to get a girl but a Queen, that's another matter."

"We didn't intend to fall in love it just --."

"Happened," Amidala answered finishing my sentence.

"I just can't believe this. Tell me two things. How long have
you been married and tell me now do you two have children?"

"Ummlet me think four or five years now and no not yet anyway," Amidala
answered. Are those the traditional questions a mother asks her child?

"I'm so proud of you Ani, your everything I hoped you to be. You have
everything you will ever need."

I shooked my head, "No you mum. We want to take you back to Naboo." Say yes,
please. You can live like a Queen anything you want you got it..just come back with me.

Mum frowned and a tears rolled down her cheek, "I can never come with
you, I'm not allowed."


Chapter Five - Secrets Revealed

Why wasn't she allowed to come, for force's sake, I'll free her from
that life of slavery she has been living for the last twenty - five

"Why?" I asked angerily. Amidala clutched my arm trying to
settle my frustration.

"Because I know work for Jabba theHutt. I was traded with a few other
slaves about a year back." Jabba the Hutt was notoriously known to work
his slaves hard and sometime even killed them for sport.

This was not going to be pretty.

"Maybe we could make a deal with him," Freddy suggested.

"It is common knowledge that Jabba doesn't make deals. He buys people
off bounty hunters and slave dealers and uses them whichever way he wants.
I was about five when I saw him publicly execute a women and two children
because they refused to work for him."

Amidala looked horrified. "But, he wouldn't do that to you would he?"
Amidala asked.

I nodded and she jumped into my arms scared to death. I gently stroked
her hair and whispered words of affection to her quietly.

Mother sighed. "I still have that transmitter inside of me and
when he knows that I'm gone he will make it explode, killing me."

Freddy stepped forward and cleared his voice, "Your highnesses, it is
clearly not safe here. You should return to Naboo immediately."

Mother nodded, agreeing with the commander. "NO!" Amidala yelled, "I
shall not leave this place unless Shmi is with us." I smiled
at my little angel as she pulled herself from my embrace and faced

"I want you to contact the ship and ask them to contact
one of my handmaidens on Naboo we may need miltary support."

"Don't you think we're jumping the gun a bit, Amidala," Obi-Wan asked.

"It's just a precaution," She answered. Suddenly as if a
lightbulb appeared on top of my head; I had an idea to get my mother
back. It was all coming together. Come on Anakin this is Tatooine and what do
the population like to do best..gamble in other words gambling is their favourite
sport well that and podracing.

Of course, why didn't it come to me sooner. I can free my mother and be
back on Naboo in less than a week. Well that's if I win..
I was too busy caught up in my thoughts to notice that Mother had asked
me a question. Amidala looked at me strangely trying
to sense what I was thinking. I carefully blocked her probe quickly.

"Anakin, what crazy thing are you thinking of doing now?" Obi-Wan
asked. That man knew me too well.

"What do people of this planet love doing the most?" I asked them
trying to explain to them my new plan which was still forming in my head.

"Gambling," Mother answered.

I nodded.

"Ani, what are you getting at, nothing dangerous I hope," Ami asked.
"Other than that?" I stated.

We all fell silent until Sache suddenly spoke up, "Podracing!"

"Exactly. I'll go to Jabba and offer him a deal that he cannot refuse.
His best pilot against me in a podracer battle --."

"NO! Ani no, you know the risks," Amidala yelled. "It'll be worth it in the end. As
I was saying if I win I get Mother if I lose he gets me and the Royal Starship.
I can't lose."

Amidala marched up to me and stood right in front of me, staring into my eyes.
"Anakin Skywalker, I said no and I mean it," She turned to Shmi, "I'm
sorry but I've got something or someone else to think about
and Anakin is not losing his life or becoming a slave. NEVER! You hear
me, Anakin"

I sighed and gently tried to pull Amidala into a hug.

She pulled away as tears started flowing down her cheeks. She started
to sob uncontrolably and ran out of the room towards my room locking
the door as she went. Obi-Wan grumbled. Sabe on the other hand
walked right up to me and pointed her finger right in front of my face.

"How could you ever even suggest that? Now look what you've done. She doesn't
need this added stress and you know it."

I felt guilty. Mother looked me straight in the eye. She was confused
as ever; I'd have to explain the situation to her later. Sabe and
Sache tapped on my door and it opened slowly to let them in. I rushed
towards the door and tried to stop it from closely. But Amidala
forcefully slammed it in my face.

I sighed and began to walk out of the small house leaving Freddy
without any orders and Mother without an explaination. I went to
my favourite spot on the roof of a old abandoned building which amazily
was still standing. I put my head between my hands and kicked myself on
how stupid I had been!

There were other ways to save mother and I had to jump in and go for
the most stupidest option possible.

"Ani," my mother's voice said from behind me. "Mum, I don't know what to do?
I want to free you and then I want not to cause Ami pain."

Mother put her hand on my shoulder, "What does your heart tell you to do?" I sighed.

"It's confused, I'm confused. Mum, I have something to tell you about
Amidala. Something that will explain everything that you
have heard."

She nodded and gently put her hand on mine. Say it Ani, Say it damn you..damn myself.
"Mum I don't know how this will come out but Amidala's pregnant!"


Chapter Six - Dealing with the Republic

"Oh Ani, what wonderful news! You must be pleased," Mum replied excitely. I
nodded, not bothering to even answer her. My mind
was one other things one of those things had a name, Amidala. I would have
to go and apologize. I could not live with myself otherwise.
She had been through alot these past few years. The Clone Wars had, had
their affect of her.

Naboo was one of the only planets who had separate laws than the Republic
and the rest of the Senate. Amidala had made it that
way prefering not to get caught up in the rebuilding of the Republic.
the Clone Wars, I was proclaimed a hero throughtout the
galaxy. My face appeared on every holo, every billboard anything you
think of.

The Jedi Council even recognized my so called bravery by having a
celebration one which Amidala wasn't allowed to attend. Though
I had not been Knighted none of that mattered once I was able to return
Amidala and Naboo. While I was away, she has sucessfully
managed to shut Naboo off from the rest of the galaxy.

She had also formed an army which was quite large considering the
size of the planet and it's population. Nobody was willing
to go up against Naboo and it's system of planets. Many of the planets
circled around the Naboo system lay in fear of their
neighbour. It only intensified, when I married Amidala.

Imagine, The Saviour Queen of Naboo marries the Hero of the Clone Wars.
perfect dream couple who had gone through hell
before finally finding love in each other. I forced her to open herself
her planet up to the rest of civilisation. The Senate welcomed
her warm hands of security.

She gained many allies and yet if she had chosen the Senate would have
before her, in complete agreement with her every
decision. But no, she wanted a husband and a family not a political
as Supreme Chancellor. When she found out she was
pregnant, she could not stop jumping up and down.

Rejoicing in every single moment of morning sickness, talking to her
every night in hopes that our child would hear her words
of love.  Her eyes sparkled with some new light, that had not been
there a
few years ago. Something had changed within her, a new
hope had formed in her subconscious.

Even I have changed, I admit it. I had always protected her, put her
first over my own. But now it wasn't only her life that would be in
danger if would be the life of my child. I never wanted to see Amidala
into that dark hole I had dug her out of. Nobody should suffer
like that, alone and in silence.

"Ani, what are you thinking about?" I sighed and chuckled softly. "Mum
all these years have you ever heard my name mentioned?" "A
few times but basically you were mainly called 'The Hero of the Clone
I heard that a Queen Amidala had married some Jedi but
I never thought that that would have been you."

"Master Skywalker huh? You must have earned a name for yourself." I
a bright red colour. "Does the Naboo public know about
Padme's pregnancy?" Mum asked using Amidala's handmaiden name. I shook
head, "To dangerous at the moment, many people
still want her dead."

"What about you? I understand that your not to popular throughtout the
market." I chuckled, "You know to much, Mum. Who told you
all this?" Mum shrugged, "Obi-Wan, Freddy, Sabe, Eirtae and some of
guards." I smiled and looked up at the beautiful sunset. The
twin suns of Tatooine settled safely below the horizon and darkness
the small outer rim planet.

"What's Naboo like?" Mum asked. I jumped never expecting her to be so
straight forward with her questions. "It's beautiful, though there
are many cities now and the population has increased. The planets is
mostly forest and jungles though. The Naboo are a very cultural
people and take their religion and beliefs very seriously."

"I like to think that we do too!" "Mum, answer me this who was my
Mum sighed, she was obviously hoping that I would not bring
this subject up. "Anakin, you have no father. You could say that the
created you. I was seeing nobody at the time of your conception.
One day, I went to the healers and found out I was pregnant. I had no
how this happened. But I have learned to accept that you were
just meant to be like many other things in life."

I knew this to be true somehow. My father was as I considered Obi-Wan.
had taken me, trained me, cared for me, everything a father
should have done. But searched for an answer to the question of my
father by
using the force. Maybe as mother said, the force is my father
it gave me life and it will also give it's son death.

"Thank you, I just needed to know." Mum nodded. I sensed the approach
of one
of my party members, I didn't move. "Jedi Skywalker,"
Amdiala's voice stated coldly. Mum got up and placed her hand on my
shoulder. "I think you two need some time along. I shall see you
I nodded and continued to stare up into the night's sky.

Amidala sat a few centimetres away from me, we didn't talk but rather
sat in
silence. "I've been thinking..," we both said in unison. Amidala
laughed softly. Her sweet laughter was music to my ears especially when
was trying to make it sound sexy. She was teasing me, hoping
that I would reach out and grab her forcefully like I had done so many

The problem was that it was working. "I was going to come and see
I got sidetracked," I stated trying not to look at her angelic face
or more importantly into those exotic brown eyes of hers. "Ani, please
forgive me. I know that I shouldn't have ever reacted like that after
you were only thinking of freeing your mother. I want you to continue
you plan."

What was she thinking? Did she realize what she was saying yes too?
"But -,"
I started. "Hey what did I tell you before no buts. But I'll only
let you do this on two conditions. Condition Number One: You be careful
don't get yourself killed out there.  Condition Number Two: You
hold me right now."

I grinned sheepishly. "I think I can manage both of you conditions." I
carefully put my right hand around her waist and pulled her closer
me. She leaned her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I watched
as her
hands drifted automatically almost protectively to her stomach.
I reached my hand down and placed it on her upper stomach. She was only
about two months pregnant and hadn't even started to show yet.

But I could still sense the wait lives growing within her. I
quickly pulled my hand away from her stomach in shock. She sat up and
at me. "What's wrong? What did you sense?" I stroked her chocolate
hair with my other hand and smiled evily. I felt like a little child
that knew of something that their parents did not.

"Our children..are fine don't worry, love." Amidala sighed not fully
realizing what I had just said. "Our..what?" She yelled. I swear that
have woken up most of the neighbour's. "Our children...a boy and a
Twins!" Amidala covered her mouth with her hand and thought for a
few seconds before replying.

"The Skywalker Twins." She had a sort of dreamy look in her eyes that I
seen only once before at our wedding day. "The Skywalker's ride
again." Amidala slapped me on the arm playfully. She lowered herself
onto my
lap, with her hands placed on her stomach and started to drift off
into a deep sleep. I pushed the hair out of her face and watched the
that was my wife sleep.

*Author's P.O.V *

Shmi Skywalker smiled from her place behind a nearby pole which barely
managed to shield her from her son's gaze. She sighed realizing that
Anakin being a Jedi probably meant that he could sense her presence
So what was the use of hiding? Tomorrow they would put Anakin's
Pod-racer idea into action.

That meant confronting the bad tempered Jabba the Hutt. Shmi reminded
herself of the old saying, 'The Force is strong with this one.' The
was incrediably strong with her son, Qui-Gon had told her that much.
knew that somehow, without her knowing it the force would be with
them tomorrow.