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Title: Good-Bye, little Baby
Author: Jaina-Jude
Rating: G

Summary: Amidala says good-bye to infant Luke. (poem)

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or anything else in this poem. It's just something I wrote during English class.

Dedicated to me, because I wrote it.

Good-Bye, little Baby

I know you don't understand my words
And maybe not my pain
You wont know how I think of you
And cry for you everyday

You aren't going to remember my smile
Or my brown hair and eyes
And that I'd like to keep you forever
Rather than say goodbye

I love your blonde hair
And your little, tiny hands
But most of all, I love your eyes
A good trait you got from a bad, bad man

But we all have to forget
Each day we must be brave
Sometimes, when we can't forgive
To sadness we become slaves

I don't want you to go through that
Sadness will rapes you of all fun
So I want you to forgive him
For everything he's done

It won't happen for many years
But you need to understand
Your father, Anakin Skywalker
Is lost inside that man

Daddy left us all awhile ago
And soon, Mommy will go too
Even though she doesn't want to go
She can't stay with you

One day, Luke, you will change things
By doing good or bad
The only thing that I can hope
Is that you don't make others sad

You've got to live your own life
And I know you're going to do fine
I'm not going to see you for awhile, Luke
But I will in time

Now, I must leave you, baby
First born son of mine
Just keep a happy face on
And leave this all behind