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(Character - Expanded Universe)

Anakin Solo (namesake of his Grandfather) is Han and Leia's second son and was incredibly strong in the Force. This was clear from the time he was a young child. Being the son of a powerful politician and Skywalker kin, his youth was filled with incidents of being hidden for  his own protection. By the three years old his gifts were obvious to his uncle Luke. By seven, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to make anything mechanical work, regardless of whether he understands the device's purpose or its components. Big brother and sister, Jacen and Jaina, used his abilities to a few times to thier own endsn (as siblings do).When his siblings returned from their Primaru studies on Yavin 4, Anakin was allowed to go as well. He was eleven at the time, and was immediately befriended by Tahiri. They shared many adventures (Anakin's adventures in Jedi Training can be found in the "Junior Jedi Knights Series". ). He returned to Yavin 4 following the attack by the Shadow Academy, and helped rebuild the Great Temple by veiwing its rubble as a huge puzzle to be solved. Anakin, as well as his brother Jacen, trained directly with Luke, when Luke began moving the new Jedi Knights back to the pre-Empire format of teaching. The brothers had different ideas on what the future of the Jedi should be. Jacen and his uncle Luke believed that the formation of a new Jedi Council would help bring the vigilantes under control. Anakin's beliefs were centered on the physical uses of the force.

When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Anakin was forced to act on his beliefs, and doggedly protected Mara Jade Skywalker on Dantooine. After saving her, Anakin learned that he was needed at Centerpoint Station. Archaeologists and engineers at the Station had been trying to reactivate it, but discovered that the Station had attuned itself to Anakin's fingerprints, brainwaves, and DNA. It wouldn't activate without him. The New Republic hoped to use the repulsors onboard the massive station to wipe out the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, but Anakin refused to be the wielder of such power. In the wake of the Battle of Fondor, Anakin's training was taken up by Luke himself, in an effort to refocus Anakin's powers. Anakin grew stronger and more respected among the Jedi, and was eventually chosen to lead the strike team which was dispatched to Myrkr to eliminate the voxyn queen. However, once aboard the Baanu Rass, Anakin took an amphistaff wound to the abdomen, and found himself dying. His connection to the Force remained strong, and he gathered energy around him like a magnet. Anakin became glowing extension of the Force itself, almost invincible as he cut down Yuuzhan Vong in order to get his friends closer to the voxyn queen. However, the intense energy quickly consumed him, and Anakin died shortly after ensuring that Tahiri was safe. His physical form vanished, and he became one with the Force.