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(character - Classic Trilogy - portrayed by: Harrison Ford)

Han Solo never meant to be a hero, but he ended up being one anyway.

Han Solo wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Abandoned at an early age by his parents, he grew up homeless, begging for money, stealing, and trying to survive any way he could on the the streets of his home planet, Corellia. When Han was about seven standard years old, he was discovered by a  Garris Shrike. He was a space traveling con man who kept young children and teenagers as slaves to operate his scams for him. While working as a slave for Shrike, Han was cared for by Shrike's Wookie assistant, Dewlanna. She was the closest thing that Han had to a mother. She genuinely cared for him, and took care of him when he was sick. Han was a part of Shrike's elaborate scams for years. Shrike intentionally kept Han in the dark about his history, even lying to him about his name. Dewlanna learned his name from Shrike one night when he had a bit too much Alderaanian ale and she told him.

Han Solo always had a quick mind and caught the eye of Imperial Senator Garm Bel Iblis with his pointed questions during a school political rally when he was 11. At about eighteen, he decided he had had enough  Shrike and escaped. Shrike planned to kill Han for his escape, but Dewlanna protected Han and died allowing Han to make his getaway. Grief stricken at the loss of the only friend he had ever had in his life, alone, and broke, he set out to find his future in the Galaxy.

He arrived on Ylesia and assumed the alias of Vykk Draygo. He got a job from the T'landa Til as a pilot for the colony. Though he had little experience, his only piloting skills coming from his time with Garris Shrike, he got the job. Solo was assigned a bodyguard named Muurgh. The two soon became close. On their many trips off planet, Solo would take advantage of the time to practice his piloting skills, while Muurgh practiced in the gunnery department. One day, after coming home from a long trip off planet, he met a girl with a Corellian accent. Excited by the prospect of meeting somebody else from his home planet, he approached her. She was evasive and identified herself only as pilgrim 921. He felt sympathy for the girl but she seemed to not want anything to do with him.

Han kept up his pursuit anyway and charmed her into a light relationship. She finally told him her real name, Bria Tharen. Bria, like every other pilgrim on the three colonies on Ylesia, was addicted to the Exultation, but Han discovered that the Exultation and the whole religion was just a ploy to gather slaves for the Empire and the spice mines of Kessel. He tried to tell Bria, but she didn't believe him. Determined, Solo went to his T'landa Til and Hutt employers to talk about business, but he had wired himself, recorded their confessions and brought them to Bria. Bria was at first angry with him for trying to sway her faith, but she couldn't deny his evidence. She decided to leave Ylesia with Han under blaster fire. They went to Togorria, to bring Muurgh and his mate back to their home planet, then went back to Corellia to reunite Bria with her family. Bria's family was not found of Han. Well Bria's father who was, he was very grateful to Solo for rescuing his daughter. The couple left together after a few days. A few months later Han and Bria found themselves broke. Han had dreams of joining the Imperial academy, and Bria was going through withdrawals from her former addiction. Leaving behind only a note, Bria left Han.

A heartbroken Han, swearing he would never be involved with another woman again, joined the Imperial academy. He got an appointment to the Academy on Carida, where he excelled. Following his graduation, he was considered for Naval Officer's training, but it all came crashing down on him the day he freed a Wookie slave from death for disobeying orders. This Wookie was the famous Chewbacca.

Stripped of his rank and booted out of the academy, Han was alone again and had a bounty on his head from the Hutts for killing Zavval the Hutt on Ylesia. His solitude didn't last because Chewbacca, owing Han a life debt, joined him. Han wasn't thrilled with Chewie right away. But when Han got into a deadly confrontation over a game of Sabacc, Chewbacca saved his life and Han quickly saw the advantage of the protection from a seven foot tall Wookie and eventually the friendship bond between them developed far beyond IOU. The years that followed were dangerous for Han and Chewie. Han still had a bounty on his head and lived a life dodging the law.

A bounty hunter nearly caught Han, the well known Boba Fett captured Solo by injecting him with a psychoactive drug. Then a mysterious stranger, who we know as Lando, rescued him.

While Working with Shug Ninx in his garage, learning how to repair ships, he became romantically involved with Salla Zend. And along with Mako Spince, he was instrumental in the victory in the battle of Nar Shaddaa, when the Empire decided to destroy the moon to punish the Hutts for their illegal activities.

Han won the Millennium Falcon from Lando in a three day Sabacc tournament . Equipped with a ship of his own, it would be much easier to go into smuggling for himself. He brought it back to Nar Shaddaa, and with the help of Shug Ninx, had it totally retrofitted with new engines, laser batteries, stronger armor, smuggling compartments, new identity codes, and a military class hyper drive unit. Han and Chewbacca did well in the smuggling business, taking jobs for Jabba the Hutt, smuggling glitterstim spice. Life was at his zenith.

Things changed when Salla Zend asked him to marry her. Han wanted nothing to do with married life left leaving only a note to Salla. Han  would have more adventure before he went back to work for Jabba the Hutt. Soon after returning rediscovered Bria Tharen, who was now the leader of a wing of the newly formed Rebellion. She wanted Solo and all his smuggler associates to assist in destroying pilgrim colonies on Ylesia, which by now had nine colonies controled by Jabba. In the end though she abandoned him again.

He went back to Jabba the Hutt and was hired to smuggle a cargo of spice from Kessel to Jabba's palace on Tatooine. After picking up the spice he was chased down by the Imperial law enforcement and boarded. Han was lucky enough to have jettisoned his illegal cargo before the Imperial troops did a scan on his ship. When Solo told Jabba what had happened, Jabba gave Han ten days to come up with the money or he would have a bounty on his head. Han went to Lando for a loan but Lando was still sore with him. Running out of options, Solo went to Tatooine to try to earn the money by taking a job.

It was here he met Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker, little did he know life would never be the same again. What began as a simple run to Alderaan, became a rescue from the Death Star. What began as mutual dislike with Princess Leia, became the love of his life. And the annoying kid who insulted his ship became his best friend. He tried many times to leave the Rebel alliance behind, but he always got drawn back in never fulfilling his debt to Jabba the Hutt, Bobba Fett finally caught up to him. However, by then his bond with his friends was so strong that they came after him and his future wife killed the Hutt. Four years after the battle with the Death Star 2, he married Leia and with her had three children (Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin).

Han Solo soon found that having three force sensitive children led to more than a dirty diaper or two. He had resigned from his service to the Republic after his marriage to Leia, but his ties to the new government were never truly severed and it didn't remove his children from the crossfire of establishing the new government (especially with a mother who was a central figure in it's creation). Between protecting his children and request from the government and his wife, he was never truly out of the Republic's government affairs.

Han lost his best friend when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. During a rescue mission to Sernipdal, Chewbacca was stranded on the planet while trying to ensure that Han and his son, Anakin Solo, made it to the Millennium Falcon. Chewie died saving them. Han distanced himself from friends and family trying to cope with the grief. Han and Leia's marriage was strained and worn thin by the tragedy. After the loss of Kalarba, Han and Leia began to heal their marriage on Duro.