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TITLE: Last Stand
AUTHOR: Kenneth E. Carper
KEYWORDS: Darth Vader, Bail Organa, Padme, Jar-Jar Binks, Yoda
SPOILERS: No real spoilers, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
RATING: PG-13 for minor violence and emotional intensity.
SUMMARY: Set during Queen Amidala and Obi-Wan Kenobi's escape from
Coruscant with the Skywalker twins and the final battle of a great
DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and
situations created and owned by Lucasfilm, Ltd.
No money is being made and no infringement is

The galaxy has gone to Hell, Obi-Wan Kenobi reflected as he stared
out the veiwport of the Alderaanian Embassy on Capital City,

Imperial Center, NOT Coruscant,he reminded himself, Never again

The City Planet was in flames...Riots had abounded in the days since
Chancellor Palpatine had declared himself Emperor of the Galaxy.
The Republic of twenty-five thousand years was gone...In its place
an illegal and fascist goverment...Freedom was now an idea..The
reality of it destroyed by one mans greed..

That greed had wiped out the Jedi Order in just days..A bomb
destroyed the Temple..And the Masters..Master Yoda and I are all
that remain..This did not comfort Obi-Wan one bit.

The troops will be here soon, as will Anakin..Vader, Kenobi
ammended..,Come to claim his wife...and Son.

The crys of two children came from the next room, as did the frantic
urging of a droid unused to the needs of infants.

"Master Luke...Mistress Shmi..Please try to calm yourselves..Your
mother will be back soon," Threepio wailed.

Obi-Wan almost smiled..That droid was a bigger baby than the
Skywalker twins, Luke and Shmi.

Obi-Wan entered the bedchamber, Threepio turned around startled. "Oh
Master Kenobi, thank the Maker its you! No matter what I try I cant
stop the children from crying!"

Kenobi took one child in each arm..He allowed warm, comforting
thoughts to flow from him, into the children..Their wailing stopped.

"You just have to have the right touch, Threepio."

Kenobi winked ironically and handed the children over to him. "Keep them quiet

"Master Kenobi, if I might ask where is Her Royal Highness?" Obi-Wan
stopped cold at the droids question..Padme had not been the same
since giving birth to the children..She had lost a lot of
blood...Anakin had thought her dead...They all had...But she had
pulled through...
..but Anakin he..., He banished the thought from his mind

"Padme is not well..She had an uneasy birth..But she will pull
through...", Kenobi hoped.

Threepio was quite distressed about this. "Perhaps Master Anakin
will be along soon, he always knows how to cheer Her Royal Highness

Obi-Wan smiled ruefully. "If only he did Threepio, if only he did."
Obi-Wan walked out of the room leaving the confused Protocol droid


Anakin...Why did you leave me..? Queen Padme Naberrie Amidala
floated in her Bacta tank allowing it to soothe away her aches and
pains..But it would not soothe the deeper pain within her
soul..Nothing could but, Anakin...

Bail Prestor Organa, Viceroy and First Chairman of Alderaan, Crown
Prince of the continent of Antilles stared up at Padme sadly.

This beautiful woman has suffered so much in the last two years,
more than anyone ever should.. Bail had loved this woman with all
his heart and soul..He had been engaged to her..But he lost her..To
that retch Skywalker, he remembered..The day they had married had
been the worst of his life..Until now.

Palpatine has seen to that...

General Jar-Jar Binks entered the room. "Heydey Ho, Prince Orgasmo."

Bail tried not to laugh. Jar-Jar was a hardened warrior. One of the
Gungan elite. He had been the Captain of Queen Amidalas Royal Guard
for a half decade and he was a hero of the Clone Wars.

They dont come tougher,Organa thought,But most are more

"Hello Jar-Jar." Bail smiled over at him then saw how distraught
Jar-Jar had become seeing Padme in the tank.

"Shesa gettin any stronga?" Jar-Jar asked.

"No Jar-Jar..She's stopped bleeding but..She is still very

Bail stopped feeling weak himself...What would I do if she died? Bail
wondered...She's not mine..I see the way she looks at Anakin..After
all he's done, in the end she loves him...

Jar-Jar saw his pain and he put his hand on his shoulder, "Itsa besa
all righty...Wesa gotsa be moobin out dough..Intel from da Palace
sayin datta Anni besa on hissa way..Ands..Hesa mad..

Bail shuddered..The reports if theyre true say...Anakin has become
little more than a machine...metal and meat tossed together in an
unholy configuration..

"Then we'll move out immediately, alert General Kenobi and Master--"

"Already done it has he," the diminuitive Jedi Master Yoda said,
Bail had not see his approach which was understandable, Yoda was
only a couple of feet tall, "Gone soon must we be, haste we must
make, the Dark Side is coming.."

Bails mouth had gone dry...Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi were the last
known Jedi Masters and as of now they were under the protection of
the royal house of Alderaan..If it was discovered he was harboring
two Jedi...

I dont care, its my risk to take, my life, He looked up again at
Padme, For her I would give a hundred lifetimes...

Bail turned to the medical droid..."Prepare the Queen for

"But Prince Organa--"

"NOW!" Ordered Organa.

The droid obeyed.


Soon I will have Padme and our child and everything will be normal

The Imperial Viper Class Shuttle glided over Imperial Center, loaded
to the teeth with elite stormtroopers, it was a forbidding
site...Jet black for night travel, heavily armed and armored, and
with engines almost as fast as a Z-95 headhunter, this shuttle was
prepared for any eventuality.

As was its master, Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Padme, that was the only word that kept Vader sane..had been since
the battle of Concord Dawn..The last battle with Kenobi, when his
hand had been severed and he had been sent flying into the molten
pit..I lost everything that day..Obi-Wan took it..Now I take it

Nothing would keep Vader from his wife and son..Nothing.."Padme," he
whispered huskily, "Lord?", the Shuttle Pilot answered.

"SILENCE!" Vader ordered.

He didnt have to ask twice. Vaders presence was that intense, the
Troop leader Major Colin backed up a step or two. It was to his

Vader did not suffer fools lightly.

Vader clenched his fist...His cyborg hand..With this hand I will
choke the life out of Obi-Wan, and anyone who gets in my way.

"Approaching the Alderaan embassy Lord Vader." The Pilot said. Vader

Now I have them!

"Set us down."


Ric Olie and Artoo Detoo had spent the better part of the last hour
preparing the Queens Royal Transport for takeoff.

Artoo entered the cockpit bleeping and blooping.

"Yep, ready for takeoff" Olie answered simply, Ric was a simple man,
not stupid, just simple, he didnt take anything for granted, he just
said whatever was necessary at the moment.

The Comm unit lit up, "Looks like a message," Ric said to Artoo,
Artoo bleeped something but Olie ignored him and hit the switch.

"Dissa Jar-Jar, wesa on our way, besa ready" Jar-Jar signed off
before Ric could answer.

"Time to go" Ric said to Artoo.

Artoo plugged himself into a computer relay as Ric started the engines.
Olie checked the sensors, an Imperial Viper Class Shuttle was
approaching the North Docking Bay, "An Imperial Shuttle!"

Ric hit the Comm Switch. "The Imperials are here, hurry up!"


Queen Amidala awoke on the medical table, the medical droid,
Two-Onebee looked down at her.

"Your highness what is your status?"

My life is ruined you nitwit..My husband is a Sith Lord..The Galaxy
is in flames...I have two children...My planets destroyed...How do
you think I am!??

But instead she said..."Cold...Very cold.."

Anakin I love you..I dont care how youve changed..Together we're
unbeatable...I can make it better...

Jar-Jar scooped her into his arms.

"Wesa warma you up, soons yousa on de ship"

Take me to Tatooine...Bring Anakin and our children..Its warm
there...I'm warm anywhere Anakin is..Just bring me Anakin..
Amidala was delirious had been since the delivery...Her chances of
survival werent good...

"Mesa gotsa bombad feelin bout dis!"


The Alderaanian Security Forces had gathered outside of the med
bays, there was no bigger priority for them than to safeguard the
Queen and her children.

A dozen men and women, thats all there was, that would have to be

The perimeter breach alarms were blaring, they needed to make their
escape before it was too late.

Padme was carried from the chamber, Jar-Jar had her in his

"Jar-Jar...I'm ok..Put me down"...Jar-Jar shook his head
vigorously. "No Can-Dosa Queenie, Mesa pertecting you till wesa gets
ta Alldrain!"

The Queen smiled up at him.."Jar-Jar..brave silly Jar-Jar.." She was
so tired..She played with his ears.."We must wait for Anakin
Jar-Jar..Show him our babys"

Jar-Jar ran down the corridor flanked by troops.

"Anni inna grumpy mood, no needy see da munchkins tuddy" Jar-Jar saw
Obi-Wan and Bail running down the hall, Alderaanian Security
flanking them, Yoda was clinging to Kenobis back, Bail held the
Skywalker twins, Threepio hobbled down the hall. "Oh my, wait for me
General Kenobi!"

"If'n you cant keepsup wesa be leebin you behind" Jar-Jar chastised
the droid.

"Goodness no!" Threepio picked up his pace..

Just'n onna more lebel tooda platform.. Jar-Jar thought, Than wesa
home free!

"Anakin...Cold..So cold..." Amidala screamed...The Babys started

"Sssssssssshhhhhhhh" Jar-Jar hissed, "Everting besa all right"...

The group stopped slammed to a sudden stop..a Platoon of
Stormtroopers flooded into the corridor weapons raised..."HALT!"
called their leader, Major Colin.

The regiment slowed to a halt and took up positions, creating an
impenetrable impasse.

"Ohhhhhh shi--" Was all Jar-Jar got out before the shooting

The Stormtroopers opened fire--

Obi-Wan Kenobi stepped into the fray lightsaber blazing. "Fall
back!" Obi-Wan ordered.

The blaster bolts blazed like wildfire down the corridor, Kenobi had
an edge on his side, the Force, it flowed through him recharging
him, mentally, physically,speeding up his perceptions, Kenobi
stepped from side to side, blaster bolts deflecting off his laser
sword. So slow..Theyre so slow.., Kenobi remarked to himself, the
Force never ceased to amaze him.

Obi-Wan advanced on the troopers! A Troop Captain charged
forward..He never touched Obi-Wan, it was as if an invisible fist
slammed into the trooper..His helmet crushed inward...He fell to the

"ADVANCE!" Obi-Wan ordered. The Security officers didnt
think twice.

The Alderaanian troops opened fire , charging the
Stormtroopers...Amazingly the Stormtroopers turned and ran away
firing as they went. They knew when they were outclassed.
The Alderaanian Security officers pursued.

Jar-Jar leaped to the ground covering the Queen with his body..He
pulled out his blaster and opened fire..Dis'n gettin messy!

"Organa fall back!" Kenobi ordered, he would not risk the children,
he would not!

Bail Organa ducked down protecting them.


Darth Vader stood upon the upper levels of the Alderaanian embassy,
he impatiently awaited Obi-Wan Kenobis capture. He hid in the
shadows watching the Queens royal transport. He felt Olie in the
Force. His first thought was to enter the transport and strike him
down..Olie is an imbecile...Unworthy of my attentions, he would
leave Olie for the troops.

But the deaths of Vaders men slammed into him...My men..losing...NO!
Vader had no intention of losing this battle to mere Jedi.

The Dark Side churned within Vader..He focused on the troop leader,
Major Colin....Darkside force meditation...Kill the Jedi..capture
the Queen..for the Emperors glory..VICTORY!!

Vader felt the tide of battle turned and smiled beneath his
helmet...All too easy.


Major Colin blaster raised continued to fall back. These Jedi are
madmen..What was Lord Vader thinking?

SUDDENLY the Dark Side reached into his soul...And plucked out every
last speck of fear..."ADVANCE!!!" Colin screamed!

His men charged forward directly into the fray!

Threepio ran away from the battle, "Oh no, warfare is dangerous to
my circuitry!"

"Obi-Wan, controlling them the Dark side is, like puppets!" Yoda
warned him!

"Force meditation" Kenobi swallowed hard..The Troopers were throwing
themselves into battle with absolutely no fear of the outcome!

The Security officers blaster bolts bounced from their armor like
they were toys..Small arms fire seemed inneffective.

A Trooper threw himself at Obi-Wan, Kenobi slashed him in two.
Kenobi was horrified, he was a man of principal and honor..Of
compassion..This is nothing but a bloodbath..All because of
Vader..Of Anakin...And Anakin is Vader...Because of ME! Kenobi
leaped into battle more viciously than before.

"Calm Obi-Wan...Give not into dispair..." Yoda whispered into his
ear...For what little it was worth..They were in the middle of a

Anakin...Call off your men..the babys..the babys will be
killed..Amidala pleaded within herself..She looked up..smoke all
around..the children hollering..Jar-Jar stood kneeled over her
firing on the troopers...

"Help you Yoda can!" The Master shouted into Obi-Wans ear. "Master
No!" Kenobi ducked as a stray bolt flew at him..Yoda leaped from
Obi-Wans back.

Five troops ran at Yoda...Their bolts never came close...Return to
your weapons you must! Yoda willed them...The bolts blasted into the
weapons blowing them to peices...The Troopers screamed their arms
torn from their sockets..Their armor shredded..

Yoda leaped over them as even more troops advanced upon him! Yoda
raised his hand..ANd the power of pure will flew from his
fingertips..Force lightning..Only a Jedi Master fully attuned to the
Force could weild it! And Yoda wielded it well!

The Troopers were bathed in Force lightning..Armor could not stop
the power that bound a universe together...Their bodys ceased to
function..Motor control cut off...They were quite dead..

Thats why Yoda IS the Master, Obi-Wan reflected..Not many troops
left on either side...This has turned into a blood bath..More deaths
on my soul..

"Fall ba-", Major Colin tried to call..But his thoughts were no
longer his own..KILL THEM..., Vaders command flooded through his
mind, through all the troopers minds..They would not give
up..."CHARGE!!" Colin screamed!

The Troopers charged the ALderaanians which should have seemed
suicidal but was not..Colin leaped onto the chest of an
Alderaanian..He gripped him by his neck and twisted...HARD! The mans
neck snapped sickingly...Colin let him go watched the body jerk and
he laughed crazily...

Colins head flew from his shoulders..Obi-Wans saber tore through him
like paper..

Jar-Jar pulled the Queen to her knees..."C'mon Queenie tings getting

Padme screamed and fell to her knees...Blood dotted the floor
between her legs.."Jar-Jar" Padme said to him simply. She collapsed.

"NOSA!" Jar-Jar held onto her tight.

"Amidala" Bail Organa leaped to her side...She looked up at
him..." must..." Padme closed her eyes..Her
breathing was shallow.

"We must get her to the ship and soon!" Organa said..

"Orsa watts?" Jar-Jar asked fearfully.

"She'll die.." Organa said painfully...Jar-Jar raised his blaster
his bolts tearing into the troops..He had his duty to do!

Threepio cowered behind Jar-Jar, "Couldnt we just surrender?"

The Alderaanians went hand to hand against the Imperials..But the
Imps pulled Vibroblades from their belts...Throats were
cut...stomachs disembowled..Death filled the air..

I am in Hell...Obi-Wan realized...The Alderaanians were being
slaughtered like Barves..I can do something about this..I will even
the odds..No more death..Not today..

Obi-Wan reached down to his belt and pulled a second lightsaber from
it. Anakins blade. With your blade your troops will fall...It will
do a Jedis duty even if you wont..

Obi-Wan ignited the blue blade and with both sabers blazing he waded
into the battle...The troops flew at him...But he cut them down one
at a time...

The Light side you must use..Give not into despair.. Yoda urged at
Obi-Wan...He could feel Kenobi sink into a depression..Had felt it
for weeks..

Blood flowed like a river in that corridor...

The Alderaanians clutching their sides..their faces..gored beyond

Gods...Bail Organa looked into the dying faces of his men..So much
pain... He clutched the children to him. I will protect you..with my
own life..I swear it..

And Obi-Wan destroying Stormtroopers left and right...Yoda at his
side Force lightning blazing..Together they broke through the

Together Vaders men fell until they were no more.

Jar-Jar stood up and cheered, "Yousa guys BOMBAD!!"

"Lose it or move it we must" Yoda called, joining his power to
Obi-Wans...The group sprinted up the level to the platform..The
group charged up the ramp...The ship was within their sight..And
then Lord Vader stepped into veiw..

"NO!!" Kenobi screamed, they had come so far.

"Give not into despair Obi-Wan, keep to the light" Yoda whispered.

Vader ignited his saber.

Kenobi ignited his. Obi-Wan slashed out at Vader..Vader neatly
blocked it.

"Leave us Anakin!" Kenobi demanded. "If you have any decency left
within you at all leave us!"

Vader chopped down hard at Obi-Wan! "You left me for dead Kenobi!
You took my wife! MY SON!"

Anakin you have a daughter too,Padme thought, A beautiful little
girl...Run away with me..far away...we'll raise them
Hell with Palpatine...

"By the Force!" Organa gasped, Anakin Skywalker was horrifying
beyond beleif..

Organa turned to his troops, four left.

"OPEN FIRE!" Organa screamed.

"NO!" Obi-Wan screamed..He leaped to the side..

The four men let loose with their blasters, Vader simply shifted his
saber an inch and deflected the blaster shots back at the soldiers.
All four dropped to the platform dead.

Fools..All of you...A Dark Lord of the Sith is not fodder for mere
foot soldiers. Vader thought with humor.

Organa just stared in shock. He held Luke and Shmi close to him.
Anakin I know you dont mean what youre doing..You're angry..angry at
Obi-Wan..he's your friend..he loves you..we all love you..

"Skywalker, what do you want?" Bail demanded.

Vader raised his hand...Bail felt his throat start to constrict..He
was choking to death..

"Anakin, no!" Padme called, she looked blindly over at Vader. Vader
released his grip on Organa.

"Padme" Vader held his hand out to her, "Come to me my love!"

"Anakin..We CAN be together!"

Amidala struggled but Jar-Jar wouldnt let her go.

"Let me go Jar-Jar..It's Anakin..ITS ANAKIN!!"

"Release her infidel" Vader commanded!

Jar-Jar almost did...But he resisted.."Nosa waysa!"

He defys me! Jar-Jar my closest friend dares defy me!! Vader was
tired of all the defiance. They WOULD do as they were told.
Jar-Jar shoved Amidala into Kenobis arms.

"Yousa be taken er Obi-One!" Jar-Jar withdrew a blaster from his
holster. "Mesa be takin carra dis'n!"

"No, Jar-Jar there must be--" Obi-Wan tried to say but Yoda cut him

"If do this you feel you must, we will not stop you, but the Force
will be with you always!"

Jar-Jar nodded respectfully at the Jedi Master and Yoda did the
same. "GOSA! NOWSA!"

Obi-Wan and Bail with Padme and the twins in tow ran aboard the
ship. "Yoo-hoo, I'm coming too." Threepio called.
The ramp withdrew.

"NO!!" Vader screamed! Not when I was this close

The Queens Royal Transport began lifting up..Vader gripped it with
the Force.

Return her to me Obi-Wan, return what you have stolen! Vader called

The transport began shifting violently.


"Somethings wrong, we cant take off" Ric Olie called back to
Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan grabbed the auxilary controls.
"Vader has us" he said.."I should have stayed behind..."


Amidala gripped Shmi to her. Bail was in the cockpit holding Luke.
Bail..Good friend Bail..I know you loved me..I know you still love
me..but my heart beats only for Anakin..
Amidala looked down into her daughters sweet face.
Anakin..I can feel you..Holding onto us with your love..You would
never let your family go..never let them take your wife from
you...Thats what I love about you Anakin..How good you are..How much
you love me...

Artoo scooted over to Amidala..He beeped softly.

"Its all right Artoo..Soon we'll be with Anakin..Soon we'll be a
family again"

This did not comfort Artoo at all.


Jar-Jar leaped at Vader throwing off his concentration!

What is he doing! I just want my family back!! HOW CAN THAT BE


The Ship stopped rattling. "Got it under control boss!" Olie yelled,
punching the throttle, the transport shot out of Coruscants
atmosphere like a Mynoch out of Hell.

"Thank the Force" Obi-Wan sank back in his seat.

Bail Organa gripped Kenobis shoulder. "Good work General Kenobi."

Obi-Wan looked at Bail tears in his eyes.

"I didnt do anything" General Obi-Wan Kenobi may have won a
victory...but he felt lost..It wasnt his victory.

"Goodbye Jar-Jar."


Vader threw Jar-Jar from him and onto the platform.

"Anni, I nosa goan letsa yousa hurt dem!"


Vader glared down at him. "You have annoyed me for the last time
Jar-Jar Binks..." Vader sent a Force blow at him, Jar-Jar clutched
his midsection. "Now you die."

Jar-Jar was weakened by the blow but he was not finished by it. He
let Vader get inches from him then he pointed the blaster right at
his helmet and fired!

Vader screamed from the shock of it!

His helmet was actually in flames...Jar-Jar kept up the attack, he
flew through the air, legs first catching Vader in the face, his
helmet broke in two revealing the shattered and ruined face of
Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin was only 21 years old..But he looked 51...Anakin gasped...He
couldnt breathe well outside of his helmet..

Jar-Jar stopped fighting and looked at the young man. "Anni??"

Jar-Jar reached out. "Mesa sorry" All Jar-Jar could see in Anakin
was that sweet nine year old he met on Tatooine..Once the helmet was
off he couldnt see Darth Vader..But Vader still saw him..
Vader swung at him knocking Jar-Jar to the ground.

"Leave me alone Jar-Jar!" Vader hollered, tears flowing from his
eyes, "I wouldnt have harmed you...I wanted my wife and son!"
Vader kicked Jar-Jar in the face! "But you wouldnt let me have even
that much would you??!!! Youre just like the Jedi..Taking my life
from me!"

Jar-Jar gasped with what little defiance he had left.."Yousa...Yousa

Vader lifted Jar-Jar up by the throat..."Just like the Jedi you
should have..LEFT...ME...ALONE..!!!!!"

"Anni..." Jar-Jar tried to say...


Vader squeezed Jar-Jars throat with all his might..Tendons and
muscles snapped..vertebrae crushed...bones shattered in Jar-Jars

He could only see white..and hear Anakins labored breathing...
Then he was back on Naboo..

Otah Gungah..Peaceful and quiet..The water cooling him and keeping
his skin moist...
then he was in the Queens Palace advising her on the best course of
action to take in the Clone Wars...

Jar-Jar giving away Queen Amidala at her wedding to Anakin, Anakin
at nine winning the podrace...

Jar-Jar on Alderaan with his wife and daughter visiting the royal
palace, his daughters birth, the birth of the Skywalker twins...
Theed City...Parade time...Boss Nass holding up the globe of
peace..."PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACE!" Nass screamed...

And then Jar-Jar heard and felt no more.

Darth Vader looked down at Jar-Jars corpse and his heart hardened
all that was left of Anakin Skywalker died.

Darth Vader remained.


"ANAKIN" Padme screamed clutching her daughter to her, she looked
down at Shmis face..How pretty she looks...Just like a Princess..
Padme giggled deliriously..

No more Anakin..No more Jar-Jar..Jar-Jars dead..Anakins dead...My
hearts broke..My dream will never ever come true..first Naboo..Then
Anakin..My life is over..I love you Anakin..I love you Anakin..I
love you..

Threepio walked over to her. "Your highness are you all ri--"

Threepio stopped talking..Padme wasnt moving..Wasnt breathing..her
eyes were closed..Threepio thought of calling for Obi-Wan but didnt
there was no hurry.

Queen Padme Naberrie Amidala of the Naboo was dead.


Aldera, Alderaan. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda saluted Prince Organa as
they prepared to board a Y-Wing Fighter specially modified for their

Their first stop was the planet Dagobah...Yoda was to make his home
there..To hide himself from the darkside..He had been there
before..Defeated a Dark Jedi there...It was a lot like his
homeworld..He would be content..

Obi-Wan looked down at little Luke Skywalker, Luke would be going to
Tatooine along with Obi-Wan, Luke was to be raised by his brother
Owen-Lars Kenobi and his wife Beru.
You'll be the Jedi your father should have been, Obi-Wan wordlessly
promised Luke.

Yoda looked up at Obi-Wan, "Focus on mistakes of the past you must
not, the future must you focus on, and the present."

They had debated going to Tatooine together..But two Jedi Masters on
the same planet would be a beacon to Vader and the Emperor. The
beacon screamed Jedi.

They were not ready to be discovered.

Not yet.

Obi-Wan wasnt the same man he had been days before. He mourned all
the deaths at Vaders hand. Most particularly Jar-Jar's. I once
thought him nothing but a pathetic lifeform..What a fool I once
was...Qui-Gon was right..Jar-Jar was a diamond in the rough..His
sacrifice..His example..Is something I will NEVER forget..If I am
ever called upon to do the same I will...Thank you Jar-Jar..For
teaching me what it is to be a Jedi.

Bail held his new daughter in his arms, Shmi...Leia, he reminded

Princess Leia Organa. He loved her mother..He loved Leia like a

Padme...How his heart ached for her...

The Empire would not dare take vengeance on Organa or Alderaan for
his assisting their escape..Alderaan held too much influence in the
galaxy..And Organa was a popular man..If he were murdered there
could be a rebellion..

Bail smiled at Obi-Wan.

"You hold the hope for our future in your hands General Kenobi,
teach him well."

Obi-Wan nodded. "And teach her well..She will have all her mothers
strengths, she WILL make a difference, it is a new world we live in,
her innate skills will be of value you must teach her to harness
them, the Force is with her."

"With us all, may it be." Yoda said simply.

None of them could argue with that..These children were the hope of
the galaxy and of the Jedi.

Always in motion was the future...A future made possible by a Gungan
once thought a fool by all who knew him.