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(character - Classic Trilogy - portrayed by: Carrie Fisher)

Counselor, President, Princess, "Lady Vader", she's had enough titles to write a book on the subject.

Leia was born the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala Skywalker. She was separated from her twin brother, Luke, at birth. As the adopted daughter of Alderaan Senator and "Clone War" hero Bail Organa, she was raised as a Princess. Her biological parents' identity was hidden from her and with good reason. Though she retained a vauge memory of her mom, who died while she was young. Despite her obvious skill and training in handeling a blaster, she lived on a very peaceful non-military planet. And her father (Bail) seems to have been very precious to her. In all likelyhood she was daddy's little girl. Not necessarily a bad thing since it was his example that led her to goverment (not realizing she was following mom's footsteps also). One of her childhood friends seems to have been her aide Winter, who worked under code names for the Rebelion during the war and would later assit Leia in rearing her children.

Much like her mother, Leia was well trained and got involved in politics very young. She was a senator at 18 (standard years) of age. She used her position to her advantage while being an active member of the growing Rebel Alliance. Her covert double life took a new turn when she recieved a data read out of the Empire's new Battle station, the Death Star, over the planet Tatooine. When Vader tracked1 the ship down, Leia hid the information in the astromech droid R2-D2 who then heads to the planet Tatooine with his companion C-3PO. She is later captured, but manages to wound a stormtrooper in the process.  While her droids seek out the long lost general, Leia is kept prisoner on the Death Star. After lying about her death, Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin try to pry the location of the data tapes and the rebel base from her, but she remains strong even under the touture of and interogator droid. According to her Journal"Captive to Evil", she also gets angry enough to try claw off Vader's helmet.

When thier common methods for getting information fail, Tarkin decides to try a new method. He threatens her peaceful homeworld in the hope it would make her talk. She gives him a false location for the Rebel base in hopes of saving her home world, but Tarkin blows it up Alderaan anyway.  Leia is devastated. While sitting in her cell awaiting her execution a single stormtrooper appears. But it isn't a stormtrooper, it's her rescue party. A young man named LukeSkywalker who retrived her droids and arrived with Ben Kenobi to find her. She meets the rest of her rescuers, a Wookie and the hot-shot pilot Han Solo during thier escape. For her and Han, it was hate at first sight.

The three of them escape the Death Star (after seeing the Death of Obi-wan a.k.a Ben Kenobi), but with to much ease for Leia's taste.  And as she believed, they were allowed to escape so they could be tracked. Which made R2-D2s information all the more important. They arrived on the Yavin IV rebel base in just enough time to make a plan to destroy the Death Star with little time for Leia to morn her loss. As for her new friends, Luke is ready to join the alliance, while Han wants to be paid so he can leave. He and Leia bump heads for the thousanth time since they've met and Han leaves with his payment.

Leia watched the battle from the war room knowing the battle was not going their way. Ship after ship of skilled rebel alliance pilots were killed. Finally the rookie Luke decided to go for the kill shot, but is persued by the deadly Vader's Tie Fighter. Han appears just in time to provide the distraction Luke needed to fire the kill shot. Leia later says to Han "I knew there was more to you than money." (Oh she did, did she?)

At a post-battle ceremony,  Leia present Luke and Han with medals. For the next couple years Leia remains friends with Luke, Chewie, and Han (who became a reluctant member of the Rebel Alliance). And she unwittingly develops a  gravitational pull towards Han that she tries to deny.

Three years later, while at the rebel base on Hoth, Han finally decides to leave. When he sees through her shield of anger he calls her on the feelings developing between them. She denies it and thier usual arguments come into play. Then Luke disappears and Han goes off to rescue him. When he returns with a severly injured Luke, he also returns to chiding her about her feelings for him, making her grow so angry she kisses Luke (yuck, yuck, yuck that's your brother) just to show him up. But even worse chaos insues immediatly after when the Empire locates them.

During the evacuation, the princess gets trapped and ends up flying through space on the Falcon. But because the rushed evacuation happened before the Falcon was completly fixed, they weren't able to escape into hyperspace and are forced to hide on a huge asteroid to finish the repairs. Though Chewie and the protocol droid C-3P0 are aboard, she is virtually alone with Han most of the time and he keeps pushing her buttons. And finally he seduces her into a kiss. Obviously shaken by the kiss, she flees him at the first possible moment.

Thier bloming courtship on the asteroid doesn't last when they discover they're inside some kind of beast.  Forced back into space, with the hyper drive still not working, Han fools a Star destroyer by attaching onto it's garbage chute and escaping with the trash to Cloud City to make repairs. They don't argue as much on this trip as they have before.

On Cloud City she meets Han's old friend Lando Calrissian, whom Leia does not trust at all. It turns out her hunch that he wasn't entirely trustworthy was correct. Vader had sent the bounty hunter Bobba Fett after them, he'd found them and Vader had made a deal with Lando (beforehand - a deal Vader later broke). The Dark Lord reveals later that the whole thing was just a trap for Luke Skywalker, who he was planning to carbon freeze for the Emperor. But he tested it on Han, who he was sending to Jabba the Hutt, first. Modesty gone, Leia told Han she loved him and they kissed good-bye. These events broke Leia's heart and made her furious with Lando. The princess also tried to warn Luke, who she hadn't seen since Hoth, about the trap, but he walked into it anyway. Lando, realizing he'd been double and triple crossed, rescued her and tried to rescue Han, but Bobba got away with him. Having little choice if they wanted to live, Leia left in the Falcon with Chewbacca and Lando. Before they escaped cloud city Leia heard Luke call her through the force and she made Lando go back to rescue him. After she and Luke were sucessfully reunited with the rebels, Lando leaves in the Falcon promising her he'll find Han.

About a year later, Leia enters Jabba's palace dressed as a bounty hunter who pretends to have captured Chewie. She frees Han from his year long carbon prison. But thier loving reuion edds when Jabba catches them, locks up Han, and takes Leia for himself (which includes outfitting her with metal bikini's by Jabba).

Luke later shows up and is also grabbed by Jabba.  Her complete team, including an incognito Lando, head out on Jabba's sail barge where as soon as a distraction is created she kills Jabba (ironically enough with the chain he had locked her to him with). She assist Luke in neutralizing the sand barge. Again her and her friends escape on a thin thread. Luke leaves them again on his own bussiness and when they meet up again (while plans are being made to destory the second incomplete Death Star), she notices there is something he seems to want to say to her. He says he'll tell her later and they join up with Han's team to infiltrate Endor.

On Endor, there team gets engaged in a shoot out with Scout troopers on speeder bikes. Leia hops on one and a now protective Luke hops behind her. During the speederbike chase, Luke and Leia get separated. Alone and lost in the forest, she is found by the Ewok Wicket who takes her back to his village. She later sees her companions brought in for sacrafice, but  the fast on thier feet group get out of  it and they are later made part of the tribe. While staying with the Ewoks, Leia goes off with Luke alone and he ask her about her birth mother (curious question). He then tells her [shocker 1] - Vader is his father and [shocker 2] - she's he's sister. The second part is better news for her than the first. And Han comes in just in time to mistake her emotional termoil for romantic intentions between herself and her newly discovered brother. When Luke leaves, Han inquires about  thier conversation only to have Leia show her most sesative side to him and ask to be held.

The Ewoks agree to help Leia and her friends, minus Luke, and they continue on thier mission (to kill the shield that protects the incomplete Death Star 2). And as usual, they win by the skin of thier teeth. When the Death Star blows up, Han notices a certain look in Leia's eyes. He ask her if she loves Luke. She's says of couse and tells him that Luke is her brother.

The post Endor years for Leia was a crazy juggle job between fighting with the remaining factions of the Empire and trying to turn the rebels into a better Republic. The pressure, along with time to morn Alderaan, almost caused her to marry some fancy prince from the Hapes Cluster named Isolder. But Han woos her back to him, they get married and have three children, twins Jacen and Jaina, and little Anakin. All her children eventually train as Jedi. Leia gets some training from her brother and carries a lightsaber. She and Luke did once used their combined powers to destroy the reborn Emperor Palpatine on Byss, but having to many other demands on her life, she never taps into the full power she inherrited from her biological father.

The hardest trial of her marraige was the death of Chewbacca. Han went into a deep depression, and he grew snappy with his family. Leia tried to understand Han's loss, but couldn't get to him. Leia became angry when Han left without explanation. Reunited with Han on the planet Duro, they came to reconcile. The parents unfortunatly lost thier son Anakin, but the long-time parents are now also an Aunt and Uncle to young Ben.