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A Star Wars fantasy Fan Fic
by: Empress Vader

disclaimer: I'm sure all readers understand Star Wars is not my property. And my use of it's characters and history is not for any kind of profit, just pure entertainment. Please don't sue me. I just borrow you characters to take them on a fun fantasy trip and then turn them back over to their bodies, lives, and proper universe.

Chapter 1

Part 3: The Sub-land dweller

The former Queen's head jerked up from the spot where she was chained, she though she'd heard her name being called. "Let me in," a voice seemed to call into her head. "Please let me in," the voice said again. She knew that voice, she had once loved that voice. But it was no longer the property of the man she loved, but of a man who was just as much a threat to her children as the one sitting in front of her, no she wouldn't and couldn't let Anakin in. They had to be protected, they were here, they were coming.

And so was he, she felt his darkness sweep into the room. "She's mine Anakin," the Shadow Sith laughed. "Mine, you will never get in." He looked at the Queen. "And very soon my servant will destroy that horrid little creature you call a daughter. She's just like her mother, a little too impetuous."

"Leia," her heart yelled. "Be brave, be strong."

As she said this the black dragon continued to sweep across the land.


Little Luke Skywalker and Pac stood staring at the ground as a group of  adults muttered behind them.

"I'm sorry you lost your sister," Pac said sympathetically.

"My twin sister. And it took me to long to find her to just let her slip through my fingers," Luke said with a tear threatening to break through his eyes. "I'm going under and I'm not waiting for her to come to me. You know this land, what else digs."

"I can't help you," Pac said.

"I'm not asking you to follow me, I'm just asking you to open the door."

Pac exhaled and motioned for Luke to follow him. They headed deep into the forest.

"You must understand Luke, this isn't just some predator that lives underground or a warrior would have killed it by now. It's some type of concoction of evil magic. So I figure only magic can stop it. You and your sister know magic, don't you. You used magic to direct those arrows. So maybe all you need is a little magic from our world to open the hole."

Luke wondered what he was talking about. Use Magic to open the hole, what magic? The force. Pac ran to a tree   with a hole in it's trunk and pulled out something wrapped in a large leaf. He laid it in Luke's hand and the stone underneath the leaves began to glow.

"What the. . ." Luke began.

"It's never glowed for me, only when the Sub-land snake appears. You and your sister are special, aren't you."

"More special together than apart."

"I hope she's still alive then," Pac replied.

Luke closed his eyes and reached out with the force. He felt his sister's living energy as strong as if they had been born yesterday.

"She's still very much alive, Lets hope she stays that way long enough for us to find her." Luke handled the glowing stone. It must have been force sensitive, that's why it reacted to his touch. Does the snake always come up in the same spot?"

"Yeah," Pac said. "The hole opens and closes just like that." Pac snapped.

"Then we'll try to use the same door."

Luke ran back into the village were women were gathering their children, as the warriors were going to meet with Pac's Gro-fa. Pac's Gro-ma was calling him home. He looked from Luke to his Gro-ma with questioning eyes. Luke smiled, he had helped him to the door, he didn't need Pac to risk his life.

"Go home Pac," Luke said running to the spot where Leia disappeared.

Luke knew it was crazy to try use the force to harness some mystical trick doorway, but all he could think about was Leia. Even though he felt her life force very strongly, he was afraid that could very quickly change.

"Wait for me sis," he whispered both verbally and through the force.

The stone in his hand began to glow brighter than it ever had. Everyone stopped to watch as the ground opened below the boy. He didn't fall through the hole, he slowly guided down. Pac looked up and realized even the Tree-dwellers had noticed and were coming to watch. It was then Pac saw his opportunity to be a part of something great. Perhaps him discovering the magic stone, even if he couldn't use it, was a sign. As Luke allowed himself to sink into the hole, Pac ran at a speed so fast no one could catch him and dropped in behind him. Luke didn't notice at all.

By the time Luke regained his sense of time, of his surroundings, he was on a force high. It was like the first time Ben had placed that helmet on his head with the blast shield down so he couldn't see. Forced to only feel, he had had a sudden rush, been washed over with feeling from his third eye. Being a Jedi had become such a burden in some ways, having that child like high that came with using the force was refreshing.

"Whoa," Pac said behind him. "You really are the Angel Queen's son."

"Pac, what are you doing here?" Luke questioned in shock.

"Jumped in behind you. I wouldn't have been able to stand being up there not knowing what happened to you and your sister."

"So instead you leave your family to worry about you," Luke replied tucking the stone in his tunic.

"Didn't think about that," Pac said. "So, what's the Angel Queen like."

"I don't know," Luke replied.

"But you said--"

"I never knew my mother, okay."

Luke reached out with the force trying to feel his sister. She was close, afraid. "I'm coming," Luke told her through the force. He tried to get a handle on her direction. There were at least five different passage ways down here. He let the force lead him to a tunnel and began running. Pac, who didn't understand why he chose the tunnel he chose, just ran behind him trusting Luke knew where he was going.


"Be brave, be strong," Leia heard the voice. What is her mother? It had to be. Then she heard Luke, he was coming for her. She didn't know what she was thinking when she leapt down the hole. And now she saw there was an even greater looming threat than the one Sub-land creature, a gigantic nest full of gargantuan eggs. As much as she wanted to get out of here, she knew if these eggs hatched, neither Land-dweller nor Tree-dwellers would survive. And even though they had both been as rude as a group could be, no whole population deserved to be eaten alive by giant snakes. The snake was asleep now, but Leia was afraid to move, afraid the slightest movement would alert the snake to her so far unnoticed presence.

It was then she saw her brother coming through the opening on the other side. Right where the Snake's massive head lay. And was that Pac with him?

The end of the tunnel Luke followed open into a cave, whose doorway was blocked by the sleeping head of his foe. Luke heart nearly stopped dead when he saw the snake's head. He shushed Pac before he let out the scream that threatened to come out when he sighted the thing. He knew Leia was in their somewhere, he could feel her, but he wanted to see her. Luke noticed bones with metal shields and swords lying at the entranceway. He'd seen pictures of these ancient weapons, read these metal swords were wielded somewhat like lightsabers, but didn't see how they could compare. Still, he needed a stronger weapon than the one he had. He picked up the weapon and was shocked by it's weight. Lightsabers were nowhere near this heavy. Luke didn't have much of a choice, the arrows hadn't worked and he doubted his little dagger would do much. Here he was, back in the Rancor pit puling at bones as a last minute defense. As he lifted the sword in the air, he missed the snake's eye sneaking open.

"Luke," Pac yelled beside him.

"Pac be qu--" he didn't finish the sentence, a tail whipped out and knocked him into the cave, while he was knocked out, the snake prepared to attack. But Leia, common sense gone again, yelled like a mad woman and leapt from the ground onto it's head, distracting it. Pac was shocked that Leia could jump so high through pure will. It was almost as if she had flew onto it's head. But her ride didn't last long, a moment later she was sliding down it's slick body. As she rolled onto the ground, Pac grabbed a sword and ran toward the snake piercing the skin, but it hissed at him and spat out venom. Leia, back on her feet, jumped, grabbed Pac, and rolled across the ground with him with him before the venom could touch him. By then Luke had gotten up and recovered his sword. Leia could only find a spare spear. She and Pac ran to join Luke.

"Never run off without me again," Luke said sternly.

"Sorry Dad," Leia replied.

They barely dogged another swing of the Snake's tail.

"Any ideas Lucas," Leia yelled.

"My names not Lucas," Luke yelled back as he swung the sword at the quickly approaching snake's tail.  Part of it fell off, but it grew right back.

"It's Dark Magic," Pac yelled rolling to dodge the next blow. But the snake grabbed him and was now trying to squeeze the life out of him. Leia tried to beat the tail use, but the snake ignored her concentrating on it's new prey.

"Use light magic," Pac struggled out.

"Magic?" Leia question.

"The force," Luke yelled back. "Leia can you get back to me?"

Leia leapt through the air, dodged a slash of the snake's tail, and rolled to Luke. He pulled his stone out. "It magnifies the force in us somehow, touch it quick."

Leia didn't argue, she touched the stone and suddenly Luke's sword lifted in the air and cut the snake's head off. Weirdly enough, there was no blood. The head feel off, it disintegrated and Pac was released. But then they looked at the nest of eggs twice their size and a crack began to appear in one of them.

"Oh no," Leia said. "Let's use that stone again."

"No arguments here," Luke said touching it, but this time it didn't glow.

"Now what?" Pac asked.

The twins shrugged, "run." The three of them choose a tunnel and ran for dear life, still carrying the weapons they'd borrowed from the long dead warriors. But they were lost in the tunnels and had to stop in a corridor that became a dead end.

"What's the force?" Pac finally asked.

"An energy field that flows through all living things."

"Including me?" Pac asked.

"Including you," Luke replied.

"Than can I do what you two do?"

"The ability to communicate with the force is a gift that few have and even fewer can use," Luke told Pac.

"Teach us oh great and wise little Jedi brother Lucas," Leia said mocking him with a bow

"My name's not Lucas," Luke yelled at her.

"Let's not start that again," Pac interjected. "Those snakes could find us as any moment and we don't know how to get out of here."

"Forgive me for mocking my brother's precious Jedi."


"Leia what? You want to get on me about never really finishing my Jedi training some more."

"What?" Luke replied baffled.

"A gift FEW have and even FEWER can use. It wasn't easy choosing to finish what I started with the rebellion. I would have loved to run off like you and Han."

"I'm confused, where's this coming from?"

"After you thought we'd won all you cared about was your journey to find the Jedi, piece together your past and all. I was left to become the responsible one."

"Are you saying I'm not responsible?"

"Yeah, I had to stick around for all of us. You and Han were all to happy to leave just when the hard work was beginning."

"I've had plenty to do with the New Republic, how many battles. . ."

"External, when something happened you'd show up to help, but when the New Republic's fragile base was falling apart who was there? Not hero Han, not hero Luke, Princess Leia."

"The best thing I did for the New Republic was reestablish the Jedi."

"Don't you think I wanted to be a part of that, it's my history too. But you did it all alone. You found Ben, you found Yoda, you found father, and you found me. What did I find, nothing?"

"Once you got married and had kids you had your own family and a leading position in the new government, you could have cared less about the Jedi. I had no choice but to chase the past, because the only thing I had was being a Jedi. Don't you think I would have loved to be able to stand in the moment and say this is my family, but you and Han had the family and a life that I was just a third party to."

"And I was just a third party to your whole Jedi world. I wanted more than anything to be able to concentrate my time on being a Jedi."

"So why didn't you."

"Most of my life, I've lived with politics, I knew my job and the New Republic needed that. And there's Bail, I was following in his footsteps. Even though it's not a blood tradition, it's still a part of what I have left of him. But even knowing that, even believing that, there's still this"

"Gap," Luke finished.

"You connected with father, you forgave him, you even got to see him before he died, the real him. You even have his name. All I ever got was third party information from you. I loved Bail, he was my real father if not my biological one, but I want to feel connected to my past too."

"You have mom," Luke said.

"Yeah, broken images that I'm not even sure are real."

"I would give anything for those. Even if I could leave this world right now, I wouldn't. I get my mother and I get to do it with you at my back."

Pac suddenly jumped up. "Guys, I don't mean to interrupt your bonding, but do you hear something?"

Leia and Luke suddenly got quiet and they heard the hiss of the snakes. In an instant hundreds of little snakes started slithering into the tunnel.

to be continued. . . . . .
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