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The 12th Circle: The New Realm Quest / Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader / Padmé Naberrie/ Queen Amidala   / Luke and Leia / Submission Info


Light and Dark met, sparked and with that spark was born a new world.

It was once a world full of light and beauty, but it has been taken over by the Shadow Sith.Taking advantage of the weakness of the Angel Queen, he invaded and corrupted this new world. He intends to rule it as a God when it comes to maturity. Only two people have the key needed to come in and deafeat him, Skywalker Twins, Luke and Leia.

Unfortunaltly in this reality, Luke and Leia are mere children, but since they are the only ones who can get throught the gate, and into the Realm, it is a journey they must take to save the fate of a brand new world.


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The Prologue(9/2000)

Chapter I

Chapter II
    Part 3 coming Soon!!!!