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A Star Wars fantasy Fan Fic
by: Empress Vader

Disclaimer: I'm sure all readers understand Star Wars is not my property. And my use of it's characters and history is not for any kind of profit, just pure entertainment. Please don't sue me. I just borrow you characters to take them on a fun fantasy trip and then turn them back over to their bodies, lives, and proper universe.

Chapter 1

Part 4 - The Majiks

Thousands of small snakes filled the tunnel and there was no way for Luke, Leia and Pac to get away from them. They just backed toward the closest wall and attempted to climb up on some rocks. The little snakes were no bigger than regular snakes, but they had these creepy red eyes that seemed to glow when they hissed. And their tongues were unnaturally long and scorched the ground where they touched it.

"We could really use a dose of Magic right now." Pac said.

"What do you want us to do fly?" Leia asked Pac.

"Why not?" Pac asked

"Because we can't, that's why." the girl yelled back.

Suddenly their was a loud rumble above them. It sounded like whole sky was about to collapse into the roof of the tunnel and cause it to cave in, but it wasn't the sky that crashed through the roof of the tunnel, it was a black dragon. It spread it's massive wings to shake off the dibiri and turned toward the children. All of the children stood frozen, staring wide-eyed at the Dragon. His wings were huge, he barely had enough room to turn around. His wings had to be kept at his sides. A row of long sharp teeth revealed themselves with a roar and the black dragon's glowing red eyes seem to look through the children.

A snake hissed behind the Dragon, the dragon turned it's fierce eyes toward the snakes and snapped at them. The snakes slithered away from the dragon and broken from their trance, the children used the fallen dibri to climb out the hole. Fire released from the Dragon's mouth as Luke and Leia pulled their friend Pac to safety. Smoke was rising from the hole and the dragon rose up inside of it. He shot straight into the sky, the children looked after him. They couldn't tear their eyes away from the great image above them. The wings spread wide, wider than the children had imagined in the cramped confines of the tunnel. The dragon turned and dove toward the children. There admiration of the dark magnificence ended at that moment. They turned quickly on their heals and ran as quickly as their feet would carry them  away from the beast. They ran into a twisted collection of trees, hoping the Dragon wouldn't follow them, but it swooped easily around the trees.

Luke made the mistake of looking back and tripped over a stray branch. His sister immediately slowed and came back to help her brother. The Dragon began to close in on them and just as he did a puff of black smoke emerged from nowhere. A tall man with a long beard stood before them, dressed all black. The Dragon landed in front of him and they studied each other. Luke and Leia were in the middle of them and Pac was nowhere to be found. Neither the man nor the dragon made a sound as they looked into each others eyes. Then the dragon lifted and flew away.

"Hello children," the man said.

"Hello," Luke said as he lifted to his feet, brushing his clothes off. "How did you get the dragon to go away?"

"I did nothing. The dragon does what he wishes."

"You had to have done something to the beast."

"Beast? The Black Dragon?" the man said replied a little insulted. "He is of the Majiks."

"The Majiks?" the twins questioned together.

The man looked puzzled by their reaction. As if immediately they should have known what a Majik was.

"Are you not, the children of the Angel queen."

"Yes," Leia replied. "But I was raised, we were raised, in another world."

"We Majiks are servants of the pixies?" the man questioned.

"Pixies?" Luke questioned.

"You cannot even see the pixies, yet you posses the power to pass through to another world." The man focused his eyes on the children, peering down on them with beady eyes. "You definitely posses the magic, by you are severely untrained. Even Majik children can see the Pixies, it is the pixies that grant the Majiks there power."

"We killed that big snake," Leia grumbled.

"Oh really, that snake truly was a creation of dark magic," the man said. "He came with the dark one."

"The dark one, you mean the shadow Sith."

"He goes by many names. The dark one has affected this land and so has affected many Majiks. Those of us who are human and others."

"Like the black dragon?" Luke asked.

The man nodded. "We Wizards live on the rim, try to keep the forest green. The Majiks at the next rim are those that fled from us. They have become worshipers of the dark magic, they believe it to be the most powerful magic in the land. If you are who you say you are, your should be able to restore the proper reign of the queen and bring something back to the light magic."

"Okay, you know who we are, but who are you?" Leia questioned.

"I am Majus, head wizard of the 12th circle of Majiks."

They heard a rustling behind them and turned, Pac was emerging from the shadows.

"Creature, What are you doing outside of your village?" Majus said.

"Pac's our friend," Leia answered for the land-dweller.

"Is he?" Majus said. "We don't allow non-Majik's past the borders. We have managed to heal this land and we want to keep those in it alive. You must go home."

"I don't know where I am, I don't know where home is, I've never been this far into the woods," Pac told the man.

"To bad," the wizard replied.

"He's with us and he's staying with us," his sister yelled.

"You sister is full of fire, isn't she?" the Wizard asked. Luke smiled knowingly. "Come with me. Among the Majiks you shall learn how to use your power."

The wizard started to walk off and Luke and Pac followed him. Leia started to and stopped.

"Are you leading us farther away from or into the 12th circle."

"Does it matter?" the wizard asked.

"Yes, our mother needs us. We can't waist time on some training."

"Waist time?" Majus asked. The Wizard strolled up to the child. "Listen young Leia, you got lucky with that snake, but he is only one of the minor dangers that came with the Dark one. That Dragon may not let you off next time. So I suggest you invest time in understanding your power. If not, you are perfectly welcome to go into the dark forest and meet with monsters 100 times more fierce than that snake." Majus then turned on his heels and continued toward his destination, this time all followed. Leia had little else to say.


Luke strolled along chatting with Majus about the force and the Jedi order. Majus told him about the Majiks. Apparently, no one knew where the Majiks had come from, but they once all lived to protect the queen. The pixies were the sources of their magic. They spoke to the Majiks and guided them. You had to see them and hear them to truly master the magic inside of you. When the Majiks saw what the dark magic could do, they had no choice but to flee. The first asked the pixies for guidance and the pixies had told them that a champion would come who could match the evil of the dark one, until then they must preserve life wherever they could. So the Majiks fled into the outer circles, but as the dark magic gained power more and more of the Majiks were corrupted by it. Those who still controlled the light magic, tried to keep the land from being corrupted into darkness. It was the pixies who had told them of Luke and Leia's arrival.

"You understand, the dark woods lie in-between this circle and the next and there are worse things beyond," Majus said. "You friend cannot withstand it. If the dark magic were to affect him, it would consume him. Make him a creature of evil."

"I would never," Pac said.

"How could it happen?" Luke asked

"Many ways young Luke, many ways," Majus told him.

Leia wasn't to happy with the buddy buddy approach Luke took to Majus. He wasn't someone they knew, he wasn't someone who had earned their trust. For all he knew he could be a master of Dark Magic. How had he made the Dragon go away? Leia watched Luke hand him the stone that had given them the power to defeat the huge serpent. Majus examined it closely.

"It's not a stone," Majus said. "It was a talisman."

"A talisman?" Luke questioned. "You mean an object imbued with Magic?"

"Yes," Majus answered. "It must have allowed you to concentrate the magic inside of you." Majus suddenly stopped in front of a huge tree.

"What is it?" Luke asked

"We're here," Majus replied opening his arms wide. The three children turned toward the tree he was staring at. It was a monster of a tree, the bark thicker than anything they had ever seen before. Even on Kashyyyk the bark of the tree hadn't been so wide. Majus raised his hands and said some magic words. There was a barely audible creak and a door appeared and fell open like a drawbridge. The kids stood there amazed as Majus strolled up to the door.

"Are you coming children?"

Luke and Leia looked at each other and then at Pac. The boys were the first to follow Majus. Leia lagged behind, still not trusting that Majus finding them was a coincidence. Still not trusting the friendly demeanor Luke shared with Majus.

Inside the tree was unbelievably warm and alive. There were children running around. Other wizards dressed in the same long robes that Majus wore. They ranged in age from young adults to elders. The walls, floors, ceilings, and stairs of the tree home seemed flawlessly carved.

"You made your home in a tree?" Pac asked.

"It took a long time, despite the fact we used magic. We didn't want to kill the tree, it was as alive with the magic as we were, we could feel it. So we used the magic to reshape it, very slowly. I think it took a year to make it a livable home and much much longer to make it the complex it is now."

Luke put his hand against the wood. He felt the life beneath it, life still growing, beating beneath the wood. "You can feel the life inside it. Touch the wall Leia."

Leia rolled her eyes and put her hand against the wall, expecting nothing. But nothing wasn't what she got. As clear as she felt her children when they were inside of her, she felt this tree's life. Had they actually reshaped the tree to grow into a living home for them. Leia felt herself smile with her brother, it was a pleasing thought and an amazing accomplishment.

"A home like this requires constant care," Majus said. "If the Majiks were to ever leave it completely, it might collapse or grow wild or die of grief."

"Grief?" Pac asked. "I've been around trees all my life. I've never known one to experience grief."

"This tree is not like other trees now. It needs our magical touch as much as she needs water."

"Does she have a name?" Luke asked.

Leia looked at Luke like he was crazy. She felt the life in it, yes, it was an amazing tree, an excellent accomplishment, but a tree just the same.

"I call her Greenmoore. The gift of the magic we pass to her, she passes to the entire 12th Circle. It's she who keeps the dark wood at bay. All would be destroyed by darkness without her, Pac's village included."

"I'm enjoying the history lesson," Leia interrupted. "But there's the matter of our mother."

"I can't believe your the daughter of as sweet a woman as the angel queen. Your such an impudent child. It would do you good to hold your tongue and listen." Leia rolled her eyes in annoyance. "If you had listened to me before, you would understand that the only way your are going to get to your mother is to learn how to see it, feel it, and understand it. If you knew how badly I wanted the dark one to go down, how badly I wanted his reign to end, you wouldn't be so quick to distrust me."

Leia looked away, seemingly unmoved by Majus' speech. Luke came over, took his sisters hand and led her away from Majus.

"We need this Leia. We're powerless in a powerful world. We're lucky Majus and the Majiks exist. Without Obi-Wan, all the force sensitivity in the world wouldn't have made me a Jedi. Let him teach us how to harness the Magic."

"I don't trust him," Leia told him. "I feel, no I sense this deception around him."

"Maybe he is hiding something. But I don't sense any intent to do us harm. Everyone hides certain personal things about themselves. We need him Leia. We were lucky with the snake, make no mistake about that."

"I suppose your right. What are we going to do with Pac?"

"Wherever we go, he goes."

The twins made a silent agreement and went back over to Majus.

"Majus," Leia said. "I realize you understand the nature of the force or the magic, whatever you call it here, far more than we do. Share this knowledge with us so we can do what must be done."

Majus came up to the kids and patted them on the back. "The first thing we must do is address the circle and then get you some food."

When he said the words, the children's stomach's began to growl. They just realized that they hadn't had a meal in awhile.

The magic circle was made up of Majik elders, of which Majus seemed to be the senior officer. They actually sat around a circle on what seemed to be raised pieces of wood that looked like stumps. The meeting room was on the top level of the tree home. The twins stood in the middle, Pac was waiting outside the circle. Majus had advised he stay downstairs, but Leia had insisted he was with them and would stay that way. Now Leia was nervous, the confidence faded with the eyes of so many experienced wizards bearing down on her. She saw a flash of a little boy standing exactly where she stood, but the room was different, instead of wizards, there were Jedi. She looked at Luke and he seemed to be sensing it to.

"We greet you children of the Angel Queen," A seemingly ancient female wizard said. Then she and the rest of the circle said some odd word.

"Calm yourselves," Majus told them.

"I'm calm," Leia said.

"Me too," Luke echoed.

"For a long time we have waited for the one who would destroy the Dark One," Majus said.

"To say the least," a dark haired wizard interjected, "We never imagined the children of the angel queen would come in the form of actual children."

The woman who had first spoke leaned forward. "You have power, you have more raw power than most Majiks, but it's so raw, especially with you." She pointed to Leia. "I wonder if you have the patience or we have the time for such an endeavor."

L:uke and Leia saw the little boy again, standing in the circle of Jedi, being judged. They didn't know where the vision came from, who the boy was or why they were even seeing a time so ancient in their mind as they stood here in this other world, dealing with an order so far removed from the Jedi.

"Patience," Luke began, "Is difficult for the young. But we will try to save our mother, with or without your help. And I know with your help we will be all the better."

"Why should we believe in you," a unusually large Wizard said. "How do we know your not some trick of the dark one."

"Because," Leia began. "Just as we can sense things about you. You can sense them about us. You think I'm reckless," Leia said pointing to the woman who first spoke. "Possibly even dangerous." Leia saw the face of Yoda staring down on her in the woman's face.

"You are correct," the female wizard said.

"You look at us and you see children," Leia said to them, "But we've been through a war. Impossible odds are not new territory for me or my brother."

Majus stood up. "If I may speak. Like me, you sense the connection between these children and their mother. Their desperation and need to be with her, a need born in another life time. There is little question as to who they are, the question is 'Can they fulfill their destiny?' Look closer my friends. Look beyond their physical selves. This is only an illusion, these are warriors. Arch Angels of the Light magic. We don't know how to fight a war against a Sith, as they call it, they do."

"And what gives them this ability?" the female wizard asked.

"Our father was a Sith," Luke announced with a hint of shame, a shame he had never felt before. After his initial anger, he had come to terms with who and what his father was. And like him, Leia had experienced anger and frustration over who there father was, but never shame.

Everyone looked surprised, even Majus. "How is that possible?" Majus asked.

"He was a practitioner of light magic when he was young, " Luke began. "In our world, he was what was known as a Jedi. It was in that life he met and married our mother."

"But, he was tempted by the dark side," Leia continued. "I guess," she began in the first defense of her father she had ever made, "He believed it was better for the galaxy. That the old government was corrupt and useless. He had good intentions."

"So you agree with what he did," the female wizard asked.

"No," Leia stated harshly.

"No one fought harder against him than my sister," Luke declared. "Not even me."

"I like what I see between you two," the female Wizard said. "A strong bond. Yes, that kind of love for one another will not be corrupted easily. We will teach you how to use the magic of this world."

Luke and Leia smiled at each other, wishing that lonely little boy had had the support of a sibling the way they had had each other.

"We depart in peace," the female wizard said.

"In peace," the circle echoed.

The woman who had given them the hardest time walked up to them.

"I am Dalia," the woman said. "I invite you to join me for dinner."

"Thank you," Luke and Leia said together.

"Is Pac invited too?" Leia asked.

"Of course," the woman said.


Leia awoke in the warm confines of a room given to she, Luke, and Pac. She had been shocked awake by the dream of the dragon as it flew over a dark castle. She climbed out from under the warm blanket Dalia had given her and depended on her memory to guide her through the many pathways of the Greenmoore. A good walk always did her good when she had had a nightmare. The Greenmore seemed unreal, as big as it was on the outside, it seemed to be another world on the inside. Bigger even on the inside than it looked from the outside.

It was then Leia saw Majus sneaking out of the tree home. She followed silently, keeping her distance. He went outside and Leia had to rush out behind him before the door closed. She was almost struck silent, standing before Majus was the Black Dragon. A dark shadow of evil, a looming cloud of darkness.

"It is done," Majus said. "The children are taken care of."

The Dragon hissed. "Thingsss are ssset into motionnnn, hisss time will soon end."

"And the Majiks will be restored to their former glory?" Majus asked.

"The Majiksss will get what is dessserved of them." the dragon looked toward the sky. "But time isss runnning ssshort. Within the week the children will have to move on."

"But how much training can be done?" the Wizard began.

"You will accompany them on their journey and guide them toward sucessssss."

"Yes, my master," Majus said bowing. the dragon lifted into the sky and flew off.

So Majus had made a deal with evil, Leia thought. An evil that sought to overthrow the present evil. She would not make her father's mistake. She would expose Majus.

to be continued. .  . . .

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